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BAMF With His Fauxhawk, Sleeve Tattoos, And Visible Piercings, Ridley Corbin Has The Whole Bad Ass Vibe Going On In Spades The Image Serves Him Well As The Self Proclaimed Protector Of The Underdog, And He Wants Nothing Than To Be Alex Firestone S HeroAlex, A Mild Mannered Library Assistant, Has Moved To Slater, A Quiet College Town, Hoping To Hide From His Past He Keeps To Himself, But That Doesn T Save Him From Catching The Unwanted Attention Of The Campus Bully But Not All Is As It Seems Alex S Past Comes Calling, And It S Time He Becomes Top Dog

About the Author: S.J.D. Peterson

It s been an amazing journey since DSP first contracted Lorcan s Desire in January 2011 I ve published 2 free reads with the M M Romance group, my back list is growing, met some great people and have made some amazing friends.I m still in shock that I m listed among the many talented authors at Dreamspinner Press The little voice in the back of my head is screaming, You are so out of your leagu

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    4.5 good and dirty starsYou know how sometimes you re walking along and you get your face smacked by a giant cock No Huh Well, this book is like getting your face smacked by a giant cock You re expecting the rescue of a geeky, helpless librarian, but instead the librarian turns out to be a hot, toppy BAD ASS with a past A PAST, people I was hesitant at first, because Alex was, well, kind of a prick initially at least , a pri

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    I love a good opposites attract storyline.oh wait, this one wasn t really opposites attract Damn Ridley is our tatted, pierced bad boy he calls himself the protector of the underdog Alex is our geeky, nerdy librarian.he may look like he needs protecting but he s far from it And in case you re wondering that stands for view spoiler BadAss MotherFucker hide spoiler

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    1.5 stars This book seems to be love it or hate it for most readers Me Yeah, I m for SURE in the second category 1 star for default plus 1 2 star for dirty talking I m being generous here.I had so many issues with this one that I m not quite sure where to start The lack of character development The telling vs showing The sub par audio narration Where do I begin I ll just jump right in Was I the only one who thought that Ridley was sort of i

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    Rosa, really s expectations upon reading the blurb 1 Ridley is the bad ass mother fucker BAMF Here s my proof a His name is Ridley Need I say Okay, I will b Ridley is ginger haired fellow with a fauxhawk, tattoos and piercings c Ridley is the self declared protector of bullied geeks everywhere.2 Alex is the bullied geek, aka the dude in distress a He s a golden haired blond who wears thick framed glasses and bow ties and works in the library b Ale

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    DNF at 34 % No rating Review posted August 6, 2014BAMF may have been hot for all I care, it was also a nuisance.I started to read this book a week ago and had to put it aside at 34 % in order to read an ARC When I saw Erika s update on Sunday and got worked up again and she said she s glad she didn t buy it, I decided on a whim to return the book to for a refund of my money 5.62 euro for a rough 200 pages which I did not love at all is quite steep, IMO.Do

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    Ridley takes one look at library assistant Alex and falls in lust After growing up being bullied he s always been one to protect others from the same but he s in for a surprise when he tries to help his crush Alex may look unassuming but he s anything but and has hidden layers that make Ridley think he may not be the only BAMF in their relationship First off let me say the sex in the book is off the hook smoking hot It s borderline BDSM with hints of bondage, wild

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    As it s been said many times, 3 star reviews are the hardest to write I have been waiting on this book for a little while now and I was so excited for it I am a big ol sucker for opposites attract story lines The book started just as I expected tattooed hottie falling for the nerdy librarian It was cute and funny I m sure I looked something like this.Then the book took a turn I wasn t expecting and I started to look like this.Was the book bad It was actually well written

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    SJD Peterson has done it again This isn t just a winner, it s Olympic Gold Be prepared for some rough, raunchy, hungry, filthy sex with dirty talking that will have your stomach flipping, and two wonderfully drawn characters guaranteed to steal your heart I admit I am totally besotted with Riley and AlexReview to come

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    Uffffff, nope No me ha horrorizado, pero no me ha gustado tampoco Y me da mucha rabia porque el planteamiento me encant , el comienzo tambi n, ese chico musculado con piercings y tatuajes y el bibliotecario con rizos y hoyitos, quiz s no muy original, pero sonaba fenomenal Comenc leyendo pensando encontrar algo c modo, mono, y qu equivocada estaba En el primer cuarto el libro da un giro total y se convierte en un thriller, no quiero decir m s para no spoilear, un thriller con el que no c

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    I really wanted to love this one Really I am a big fan of SJD Peterson and was so excited to see a new release Part of the problem may have been my expectations I guess I was looking forward to a college romance cute twink with curly hair and skinny jeans meets tatted and pierced bad boy, bullying ensues, bad boy swoops in to save the day, etc This book did not turn out that way at all I enjoyed the first half of the book, but once it took that unexpected turn, I lost my connection with the char

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