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Asunder Review originally posted at Step Into FictionI fell in love with Incarnate I wasn t sure what to expect from that book and I got sucked in I just remember some of the things I was tweeting to the author, Jodi Meadows, who I didn t even know at the time, while reading the book That s the first time I ve ever tweeted an author while reading their book, with my reactions to things, it was entertaining Especially a specific part of the book Now, going in to Asunder, I knew this world, these characters and I couldn t wait to get I am satisfied I am happy I am sad.The beginning of Asunder is the people of Heart trying to move on and cope from Templedark, where they lost many of their friends of 5,000 years Not easy to do If you ve lost someone, you know how hard that can be but we didn t have the pleasure of knowing that person for nearly as long as these people have Dealing with this kind of permanent loss is impossible However, they have to deal because no matter what, they won t be getting those souls back It s a very sad time but also an awkward time for Ana because a lot of these people blame her when it was never her fault But when in doubt, blame the Newsoul nosoul, right This book is filled with love, pain, betrayal, sacrifice, violence and healing all mixed in to one Ana goes through a lot of hardship in this book, than the first book, I think What makes it worse is she s made plenty of friendships and now she has so much to lose whereas she only had things to gain in Incarnate The birth of a Newsoul is almost enough to cause a riot in the birthing room and if it s a sign of things to come, it s going to be a dangerous path for all newsouls.One person that Ana can always count on is Sam He s never judged her for being a Newsoul even from the very first time he met her He found her unique and intriguing It s easy to misjudge a situation and think the worst of someone Just keep that in mind I really liked Ana from Incarnate For being so judged and hated on just for whom she is, not someone she could control, she is incredibly strong both in mind and will I didn t think I could like her much but alas, I have been proven wrong She is a force to be reckoned with There is so much growth throughout Asunder that I m in awe I sit here wondering, is this really the same Ana we met jumping off a cliff in Incarnate Truly, it s really her I love her in a totally platonic way Seriously You ve Incarnate, right So there s no reason you shouldn t read this I do love it a lot and the ending that ending sigh Plus, look at those covers Aren t they just breathtakingly beautiful Butterflies and roses very important to the story First time read December 12 to December 16, 2012 ASUNDER is a stunning sequel with a great plot and surprises at every turn Jodi Meadows is a master of stories If you don t know this about me, INCARNATE book one is my favorite book of all time ALL TIME So when I got ASUNDER in the mail as a RAK, I was freaking out and started reading immediately I was sucked back into the world of Range and all of its inhabitants speaking of which, the sylph were super eerie in this book I don t see how Meadows managed to make them even spookier, but she pulled it off excellently.Ana She became such a fierce and kick butt character in this sequel I will admit that she does have her flaws in book one, but oh my, she absolutely redeems herself in ASUNDER And Sam is just so nice to Ana, it makes even cooler in my book Plus, anything with piano music in books adds extra bonus points for me, and Ana and Sam do duets in the book But I did have one slight problem I absolutely adore ASUNDER, but there was something about INCARNATE that gave me some kind of spark of reading love and hope for other fantasies like it So I guess I like INCARNATE just a little bit than ASUNDER.But please don t get me wrong ASUNDER is a fantastic sequel I will admit that I sometimes have troubles with sequels, but I had zero trouble with this one The writing style was just as great, and the stakes are raised even higher Speaking of which, THE PROBLEMS ARE RAISED SO MUCH HIGHER IN THIS BOOK There are a lot of evil and cruel jerks in this book that Jodi Meadows put in there that made me cringe because of how twisted they were, and gosh, they were so evil to Ana and Sam And because of the ending of INCARNATE, we have a new problem in ASUNDER newsouls are coming into the world, filling everyone with fear And let me say that the newsouls are probably my favorite addition to ASUNDER.And once again, Meadows packs an insane ending I was on my seat the entire time, because Jodi knows how to write an ending Overall, ASUNDER is just as brilliant as its predecessor I don t know how I ll be able to stand the wait for book three Second time read July 26, 2013 If you know me at all, you know thatIncarnatebook one is my favorite book of all time Sequels can be a tricky thing, but luckily, I love Asunder just as much These are my favorite books ever So, so, so amazingPleaseif you haven t read these, do it you won t be disappointed They re so fantastic Third time read January 28, 2014 OH MY GOSH THIS WAS EVEN BETTER THE THIRD TIME AROUND The ending is INSANE YOU GUYS AHHHH I LOVE IT I m now prepared for Infinite braces self takes deep breath DARKSOULSAna Has Always Been The Only One Asunder Apart But After Templedark, When Many Residents Of Heart Were Lost Forever, Some Hold Ana Responsible For The Darksouls And The Newsouls Who May Be Born In Their PlaceADOWSMany Are Afraid Of Ana S Presence, A Constant Reminder Of Unstoppable Changes And The Unknown When Sylph Begin Behaving Differently Toward Her And People Turn Violent, Ana Must Learn To Stand Up Not Only For Herself But For Those Who Cannot Stand Up For ThemselvesLOVEAna Was Told That Nosouls Can T Love But Newsouls More Than Anything, She Wants To Live And Love As An Equal Among The Citizens Of Heart, But Even When Sam Professes His Deepest Feelings, It Seems Impossible To Overcome A Lifetime Of RejectionIn This Second Book In The Newsoul Trilogy, Ana Discovers The Truth About Reincarnation And Will Have To Find A Way To Embrace Love And Make Her Young Life Meaningful Once Again, Jodi Meadows Explores The Extraordinary Beauty And Shadowed Depths Of The Soul In A Story Equal Parts Epic Romance And Captivating Fantasy HOLY SHIT, GUYSI I think I just had an extreme premature coverrgasm. Wow WOW I just finished my ARC of Asunder and boy, was it good I was lucky enough to receive this copy from HarperCollins.If you read my blog and my reviews, you may recall that my issue with the first book, Incarnate though I really did love it , was the pacing The beginning was too slow, and the end was a jumble, while the middle was absolutely terrific Asunder has none of those issues As I predicted, Meadows has only ripened her craft and improved with time.Asunder by Jodi Meadows continues where Incarnate has left off Ana, the NewSoul, is still an outsider in Heart Havoc and destruction have come down on the city, and because of this, soon Ana will not be the only NewSoul There will be born Ana makes it her mission to prevent NewSouls from having the same awful childhood that she had Along with Sam, the OldSoul who loves her, and a few other close friends, Ana learns about herself and what she truly believes in.The pacing was terrific It starts off strong and ends even stronger This book definitely does not suffer from middle book syndrome If you loved Sam in the first book I did , you ll love him even in the second At first, I was worried he would be portrayed as too perfect, but then he would do something silly, and I would be relieved I love all the descriptions of music and how this plays such an important role in their relationship The plot kept me interested the whole way through, and secrets are revealed at the right time and place We get to see character development of some side characters, which I enjoyed And we get to learn about sylph and the mysteries of the Temple Now, I m dying for the finale.Overall, an amazing followup to Incarnate, a complete novel in its own right, with beautifully written prose and terrific characters I can t wait to get my hands on the last book. Asunder, the second book in the Newsoul Series, by author Jodi Meadows, serves up a generous portion of growth and change, action and emotion, long buried secrets and soft and tender moments, creating a fantastic sequel to the already gripping first installment, Incarnate Many of the lore s biggest questions are answered, the world building fleshed out to the point of feeling textured and comfortable, bigger and familiar, allowing Jodi s craft to shine through in character development and storytelling Ana and Sam hold hands through a myriad of conflicts, the real life and real world parallels of such making them one of YA s best and most endearing couples, their characters a mirror to very real issues and struggles so many can relate to With eternal love at the core of this tale s spiraling and sprawling storyline, Asunder builds a perfect bridge between Incarnate and what promises to be the harrowing and ultimately very fulfilling conclusion of Infinite This book is a book meant to share for sure and I was honored to be able to share it and read it with the amazing Sveta I can t wait to read the last book Recommended for all first read 2014 Jul 22 Jul 24 I ugly cried from chapter 29 til the end, and I mean ugly cried and then I would laugh because why am I crying but then I would remember and start all over lol sooo in conclusion the whole thing was intense and I cried. OMG THAT COVEROMG SAM Review HOLY Brilliant Just amazing and brilliant Many souls are being very aggressive towards Ana after Temple Dark They feel like she is responsible for all the dark souls who will no longer be reincarnated And Ana is no longer the only new soul.Anid, the second new soul ever is born Many people are threatening towards him and Ana But Ana is determined to protect him and the future new souls.Ana also ventures into the temple once The shocking truth about reincarnation of the old souls is reveled Along with a lot of corrupt souls trying to kill Ana, Sam and her are having a bit of problems But Sam is a sweetheart so it s okay I definitely say READ THIS No one will be disappointing It was amazing The book was a page turner, I finished in within the day Now I have to wait until book 3 comes out Sighs One reason why this trilogy is amazing is because view spoiler Janan is an evil god who eats new souls to keep recycling old ones hide spoiler Yay a cover I think I prefer the 1st one though. Book Nook Young Adult book reviewsI was a little bit nervous going into Asunder because I had some issues with Incarnate, but I ended up liking Asunder even My biggest gripe in Incarnate was the romance I didn t feel it at all To be honest, I still wasn t a huge fan of it in Asunder , but since it was already established, I think it was easier for me to accept It also felt like it had a smaller role in the story There were still some awkward moments in the book for example, when Ana and Sam discuss the inappropriateness of their relationship and the 5,000 year age difference , but overall I just kind of tuned it out and that allowed me to enjoy the fantasy and story elements much.Ana was a much stronger character in Asunder There were still a few times when I didn t like her mostly when she talked about her inability to love but overall she was much better she was a character fighting for an important cause She took action and stood up for herself She had big dreams and aimed to make monumental changes in the society She wasn t perfect, but it was nice to see her out there fighting rather than lurking in the shadows.What I liked most about Asunder was the mystery element Ana was very clearly working towards a goal she aimed to make change and uncover truths Her goal was much focused in this book than in Incarnate, where she simply wanted to learn about her origins In Asunder , Ana works towards forming alliances, doing research, gathering information, and uncovering mysteries This clear focus made the story really intense and quick to read I think the pacing was better in this book as well There weren t any long, drawn out periods if inaction, or long periods where Ana was doing nothing but attending lessons and learning music There were a few, but they were mostly short and fit in with the story For most of the book, important things are happening things that will keep you interested and engaged in the plot It s really fun to sit there and speculate because Jodi arranges it in a way that you have no idea who to trust I do have to admit that the end isn t really as big of a twist as I was hoping for I kind of wanted to be caught off guard with the big reveal of who was behind everything Normally I expect it to be the unexpected, but in this case it ended up being the expected if that makes sense But even so, the action, mysteries, and reveals are interesting and engaging One final complaint I wanted dragons They didn t make an appearance in Asunder , which was kind of a let down for me I feel like there s an interesting story there as introduced in Incarnate , but we don t learn anything new about them Hopefully we ll find out in the third book Asunder wasn t a perfect book, but I do think it was much better than Incarnate The writing is beautiful, the plot was interesting, and most importantly, this book felt necessary It wasn t an empty filler book and didn t suffer from the second book in a series syndrome The plot develops nicely and Jodi Meadows sets the stage for what will probably be a very interesting third book

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