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Ashes on the Waves Also posted at PaperbackWonderlandCaution The following text is an assortment of ramblings and spoilersBy this, i don t mean to offend the author in any way, i m just expressing what i felt while reading itJeez I m depressed What a mess of non stop dramas Drama number one Liam, age twenty, lives in a godforsaken island where people i m inclined to just call them animals, but then i would be offending mother nature live as if they re stuck on the fourteen centuryi m probably being too kind in this.Drama number Two The guy was borne with a problem in his arm, so THAT alongside with the fact that s his mother died at childbirth supposedlyguess she was killed.i kind of skimmed that part, because by then, i was ready to cut off my air supplythere were tombs and people drowning makes him a demon at his neighbors eyes.Drama number Three The poor guy is so innocent and naive even living therethat he really thinks of himself as a demon How sick is that He doesn t even know what jealousy feels like.Drama number four Falling in love at ten years of age and obsessing about that person for ten years Drama number five Everyone minus twowants to kill him..Drama number six If someone dies, Liam s to blame..Drama number seven In this lovely island in which the story takes place husbands can throw their wifes down the cliffs, children can be sold to perverts and married of at fourteen years oldDrama number eight The bad guys with blue skin that live underwaterDrama number nine Talking selkies.Drama number ten Selkies in loveDrama number eleven NO CONSISTENT PLOT Just a whole lot of bunch of angst, evil characters, and DRAMAAND EVERLASTING TEEN LOVE You know what s the worst part While i was reading the first pages, i actually thought i was going to enjoy this This was WAY before the talking selkies and cliched ignorant folks. I was liking Liam, and the way he was portrayed And then, how could i not sympathize with such an abused character BUT, i wanted i wanted to see his development as a character I can t help feeling, that this could have been done in another way than theWOE IS ON ME ALL IS LOST WE re going to DIEcould have been avoided Honestly, what was the use of introducing some contemporary character in a setting such as this The remaining characters are all chich s of ancient times Just, to appreciate the differences at the patterns of speech between Liam and Anna To give her the opportunity of growing as a person For what For having her view spoiler killed in the endjust to have Liam follow her hide spoiler Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestRemember when TWILIGHT was at the height of its popularity, and people began opening up Wikipedia to search for paranormal creatures to have fall in love with some ditzy teenage girl so they could write the Next Big YA Paranormal Romance, too Yeah I think we all remember the girls in prom dresses period of YA fiction Those were dark times, my friends Dark, dark times.I feel like ASHES ON THE WAVES is definitely influenced by TWILIGHT The male love interest speaks in an archaic way and seems a bit too naive He also tries and fails to convince the heroine to stay away from him because he s dangerous, although in this case it s because he might be a demon instead of a vampire The heroine, by contrast, is a pretty girl without a lot of substance She moves from a big city to a dreary, isolated small town except instead of the Olympic Peninsula, it s an island sandwiched between Scotland and Ireland and entrenched in Celtic folklore.Liam, the hero, is regarded by everyone on Dorcha with suspicion because they think he killed his mom at birth like, legit killed her, with scratch marks and gushing blood and everything He s drop dead gorgeous, has a paralyzed arm, and has absolutely zero knowledge about the world He s so sheltered and naive that when he gets jealous over a girl, he thinks his anger is a result of a demon possessing him Everyone on Dorcha wants him dead, and most of them try.Anna, the heroine, is a rich heiress who lives in the big mansion on the island She s being exiled because of some racy behavior she displayed in her parents ritzy circles She doesn t really have much of a personality Her two conflicts in this book are 1 fall in love with Liam and 2 act out because her parents don t love her enough She and Liam even meet when he stops her from jumping off a cliff Ashes on the Waves More like Ashes on the New Moon tips wineglass The paranormal element in this book is interesting, but not utilized very well Here you have creatures like Na Fir Ghorm, the Cailleach, the Bean Sidhe, and Selkies and what do they spend their time doing Making bets on the purity of the love between two teenagers I am not kidding We re talking Shipping Wars Mary Lindsey turned the Fae into a crude facsimile of Tumblr.Likewise, the Edgar Allan Poe connection is also tenuous I liked the snippets of poetry at the beginning of each chapter and the book itself is supposed to be a retelling of Annabel Lee, but it feels kind of weird to base a book on a songespecially when you have all the Fae stuff thrown in as well The author had some creative ideas but she ended up throwing them all together in the hopes that they would fit, and they really didn t It was not a cohesive effort by any means, in my opinion Just go with it me enjoyed how easy it was to read this book Feminist me was annoyed by the instant love, the lack of development of the female character, and the fact that a fourteen year old is engaged to and then almost raped by a man twice her age, because on this island, due to the shortage of men, it s apparently okay to marry children to adults Even though this takes place in the twenty first century Amateur critic me was annoyed by all the other things, like the characterization, the cheesy plot, and that bizarro ending.Seriously, what was that ending I looked to see if there was a sequel because I thought I was missing something important, but nope I guess that s how it ends Not with a bang, but a whimper.2 to 2.5 stars Love is the only thing that lasts foreverThis was one of those books which when I tried to read it, it really irritated me, but when I tried listening to it instead, I actually quite liked it Anna was a bit of a b tch at the start of this book, but it was nice to see how she grew over the course of the story I found it quite difficult to really connect with Liam, and I can t say I really felt all that much for him, I preferred Anna.The storyline in this was a little strange, and it was also quite slow This bugged me whilst reading, but didn t bother me quite so much when I was listening to it and could do something else at the same time Mainly the story was about Liam believeing he was a demon, something that he had been told all his life, and about the romance between Liam and Anna.The ending to this was really quite sad, and then a bit confusing I really wish that what happened hadn t happened though.7 out of 10 He s cursed He s human flesh worn by a demonA fantastically atmospheric Gothic novel, Ashes on the Waves is based on an eerie Edgar Allan Poe poem which is really all you need to know, right In a way, this novel reminded me a little of Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz It s set on a secluded island where people live in the old ways without much as far as laws and structure goes There is also paranormal presence that makes the island unique, and a little chilling Like in Teeth, you will need to go into this with an open mind as the novel is not considered a paranormal, but a Gothic story Meaning the paranormal aspects are not examined in detail as far as their history or any kind of explanation behind them They re merely a part of the story, and you just have to accept it Unexpected because of the cover, we get a male protagonist for this story Crippled with the use of only one arm and said to have a demon possessing him, Liam is, for good reason, a lost, lonely soul on this island Having not had much as far as friends or any social contact, he s inexperienced and a little naive When Anna, his childhood crush, comes back to the island he s feeling overwhelmed with emotion Ashes on the Waves is a love story through and through It s romantic and powerful, unmistakably classic true love Though can their love survive the meddling of the paranormal I thought this premise was fantastically imagined and does a number on our hearts, but I did find the meddling creatures trying to sever their love could have been executed better I was hoping forelaborate schemes that would make my heart pound with hopeless fear that they wouldn t get through it, instead the plans were mostly done without us really knowing what they were until after the fact As they progressed I started feeling irritated that they were grasping at straws and going through such lengths without known to me reason I think if I had understood the creatures better it would have helped the poem talks of envy, but I still feel I didn t have a strong grasp on them and their motives As for Anna and Liam, I m not sure why they didn t scrutinize and suspect Ronan muchas well, but I excuse some of it because of Liam s pure innocence Regardless, I did find the love story hauntingly beautiful.The atmosphere is what I loved the most about Ashes on the Waves The secluded antiquated island is extremely vivid and especially creepy I could feel the isolation and mystical aura the island was exerting I could picture everything so very clearly as if I was the one walking the woods, hearing the cries of the Bean Sidhe shrieking in my ears This is a place where residents get away with murder, burn their dead on pyres, and seek revenge in the most inhumane of ways I got chills only thinking of what could be in store for Liam who s hated, even feared, by most of them Unsurprisingly, there are some great mysteries to go along with the already creepy setting First there s the creepiest of all Mrs Ronan This woman makes me want to cower in a corner and cry She s terrifying And she obviously has something up her sleeve with her strange going abouts The second is the mystery of Liam himself After his birth, his mother was found not only dead but torn apart as if Liam clawed himself out of her Yikes Ashes in the Waves is for fans of tragic love stories It s heart wrenchingly unjust, but also beautiful in its cruel perfection An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.Forof my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Edit 10 19 12That Cover. My 3 for Mary Lindsey my 3 for Edgar Allan Poe my 3 for retellings OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGTHISBOOKISGOINGTOBEAMAZING. Review TK if I can sum up my thoughts in any coherent way Reading it a second time was better in some ways andheartbreaking in others But I loved this story, was totally transported Liam was just as amazing as I remembered him and Anna was evenamazing than I remembered her to be.I love this type of love story One that s both ill fated and hopeful The author did an amazing job at bringing Poe s poem to life in a way that was muchrelatable and real So glad I re read and that now I can rate it.Originally beta read from Sept 19 21 2012.Gorgeous, haunting, dark and unexpected I was immediately intrigued and was completely ensnared by this beautifully written and different and captivating tale.I definitely plan on reading this again and again.Review to come closer to release date and after at least another read Eerie and beautiful, Mary Lindsey takes you on a journey into a small town with haunting secrets Liam is a character readers will immediately care for, and the intrigue surrounding him will keep them vested I loved this book Another HUGE success for Mary Lindsey I wept for my own condition My loneliness My misery Myself Ye gods, so much emo here.This book starts off with a text of Edgar Allan Poe s beloved poem, Annabel Lee I am a proud, card bearing member of the Edgar Allan Poe bandwagon I absolutely love his writing, particularly his poetry, and Annabel Lee is among my favorite poem among his wide repertoire The premise of the story being based on the poem suckered me in And I mean, suckered, since this book is a hot mess with a microscopic connection to Edgar Allan Poe s works It pisses me off, because it feels like the author uses the famed author s name and quotes his works asof a selling point than any actual relation or tribute to the author himself And mark my words, every single fucking chapter starts off with a quotation from a piece of Edgar Allan Poe s writing I hate thin premises that promisethan they ever intend to deliver There is an overwhelmingly Celtic feel to this book than there is anything remotely Poe related.In the book, the main character Liam constantly refers to his love, Annabel Leighton as his beautiful creature, though there may be no relation between this work and Edgar Allan Poe s, I can see very clearly a definite parallel between this book and the Beautiful Creatures franchise And make no mistake, I am no big fan of the Beautiful Creatures series.The setting certainly does live up to its gothic advertisement The problem is that it can t make up its mind when the hell it wants to be We have a present day setting 2013 It doesn t feel like 2013, not on the island of D chas The people there are ass backwards In D chas, the calendar is firmly entrenched in the 19th century The people living there firmly believe in mythical creatures They believe Liam is a demon they believe that he killed his mother at his birth They believe in the bean sidhe, Na Fir Ghorm, Cailleach washer woman , selkies, Otherworlders They barely have technology They force their daughters to marry at age 14 They have no justice system a man can kill or beat his wife and get away with it Servants know their place The villagers literally form lynch mobs to burn kill off whom they believe to be demons and witches 2013 is but a distant dream to the people living on D chas.Enter Annabel Leighton, the book s version of Paris Hilton She is a notorious heiress and socialite in New York City, despite her young age of 18 Her parents have gotten so sick of her embarrassing antics that they ve shipped her off to D chas in the impending event of her brother s wedding to a politician s daughter so she won t be able to embarrass her family any further She is the definition of entitled, spoiled little wild child rich girl At 16, she completely exposed herself in front of strangers, and has been tabloid fodder with her drunken, naked, attention seeking antics ever since Spare me the excuses It takes a whole lot of eggnog to get that drunk, my dear.Even so, Liam has been madly in love with her and keeping up with her life through what he reads of her through the shipped in newspapers ever since His only contact with her has been the few times they have played together as children Princess Annabel and Prince Leem when she was summering on the island 13 years ago Liam constantly makes excuses for her self indulgent behavior naturally, there is spectacular and head bashingly unbelievable insta love on both ends You undress, pull pranks, indulge in all manner of chemical substances, and say outrageous things And you don t act like you reportedly do in the tabloids You are deep, sincere, and caring caring enough to not want to harm another living creature There s an element missing on this island that causes you to behave differently Do you know what I think it is Your parents You and I are very much alike You wantthan anything in the world to be noticed by your parents to garner their love Just like me So according to Liam, Anna just acts like Paris Hilton because she wants to be loved by her parents Spare me Plenty of parents are ignorant of their children We don t all show our cootch to the public before even reaching legal age.Liam is the reason why I draw the comparison to Beautiful Creatures In that series, many people have complained that Ethan is too feminine I ve read that book I agree I ve read a lot of books with male narrators, and I have to say, short of outrightly gay characters, Liam is the most feminine guy I ve ever encountered If I had not known that the narrator was male, I never would have guessed from reading this book He observes the slightest details when it comes to his obsession of Anna.The way the light reflect on her hairSun flitted across the leaves and boughs as the wind caught the branches, giving the woods life and the magical quality I d always loved Flecks of light bounced off of Anna s long, silky hair, making her appear as ethereal as Titania The clarity of her skinThe light from the window reflected off her sleek ebony hair and flitted across her alabaster skin.The clothes she wearsEbony waves cascaded over her shoulders, and her clothes, unlike any worn here on D chas, clung to her slender form like those from the etching of Venus in my book of nineteenth century French poetry I covered my mouth to stifle a gasp And dreaming of marriage to someone he s barely known, surely that s something teen boys do, right The thought of being married to this magnificent creature seemed too fine a fantasy to cast off quickly, so I paced the porch for a moment, letting the images of us together fill my head Um No I d like to say he is old fashioned, which he is, but it s not Liam s observations are nowhere that of the average male Some romantic readers may say, oh, he sthan that, he s a very sensitive, highly observant male I don t I don t buy it at all.Liam is a complete innocent, having never been exposed to popular culture of any kind His pattern of speech is extremely formal and firmly entrenched in the 19th century, and it is a stark and shocking contrast compared to Anna s casual and very modern speech and pattern of thought Anna is a typical modern teenage girl, as annoying as she can sometimes be, as entitled as she is Liam is a character straight out of a Regency HR The book feels so strange with these two contrasting cultures and thought and speech patterns, from the foreign and very modern Anna, to the ass backwards waters of Liam and D chas Liam s Ethan Wate ish feminity is combined with Lena s sense of martyrdom, self pity, and emotional flagellation Liam is such a martyr He blames himself for everything he truly believes he s a horrible creature, a demon who will bring about death and destruction among those he touches.Oh, and Francine She is totally Amma She cares for him and has been caring for him since his mother died She gives him advice, defends him against the others who would speak ill of him, she protects him Francine all but gives him a condom as she pushes Liam and Anna together It s so weird and creepy.In summary feminine, unbelievable male narrator, annoying, insta love between the two very young teens, with a very rapidly escalating and unrealistic relationship Strange setting that doesn t know what or when it wants to be People who act out of place, out of time Flimsy connection to Edgar Allan Poe Good writing, beautifully atmospheric, but overly dramatic characters and setting Still does not make up for everything else that s wrong Skip this book. Liam MacGregor Is Cursed Haunted By The Wails Of Fantastical Bean Sidhes And Labeled A Demon By The Villagers Of D Chas, Liam Has Accepted That Things Will Never Get Better For Him Until A Wealthy Heiress Named Annabel Leighton Arrives On The Island And Liam S Fate Is Changed ForeverWith Anna, Liam Finally Finds The Happiness He Has Always Been Denied But, The Violent, Mythical Otherworlders, Who Inhabit The Island And The Sea Around It, Have Other Plans They Make Awager On The Couple S Love, Testing Its Strength Through A Series Of Cruel Obstacles But The Tragedies Draw Liam And Anna Even Closer Frustrated, The Creatures Put The Couple Through One Last Trial And This Time It S Not Only Their Love That S In Danger Of Being DestroyedBased On Edgar Allan Poe S Chilling Poem, Annabel Lee, Mary Lindsey Creates A Frighteningly Beautiful Gothic Novel That Glorifies The Power Of True Love

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