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Apollyon Fate Isn T Something To Mess With And Now, Neither Is Alex Alex Has Always Feared Two Things Losing Herself In The Awakening And Being Placed On The Elixir But Love Has Always Been Stronger Than Fate, And Aiden St Delphi Is Willing To Make War On The Gods And Alex Herself To Bring Her Back The Gods Have Killed Thousands And Could Destroy Entire Cities In Their Quest To Stop Seth From Taking Alex S Power And Becoming The All Powerful God Killer But Breaking Alex S Connection To Seth Isn T The Only Problem There Are A Few Pesky Little Loopholes In The Whole An Apollyon Can T Be Killed Theory, And The Only Person Who Might Know How To Stop The Destruction Has Been Dead For Centuries Finding Their Way Past The Barriers That Guard The Underworld, Searching For One Soul Among Countless Millions, And Then Somehow Returning Will Be Hard Enough Alex Might Be Able To Keep Seth From Becoming The God Killer Or She Might Become The God Killer Herself

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    Apollyon Review on K Books Please Note Contains Spoilers for Deity and Elixir Oh My Freaking Gods There are no words in this universe that could explain my feelings about this book I went through so many emotions throughout this book, from freaking out, to crying to laughing and hopeful I just loved eve

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    APOLLYON is live on and BN So, here you go People, Deity Island fan site, all Teasers and Trailers in one place of everything Jennifer L Armentrout ever wrote Some of the Teaser for Apollyon Teaser 1My feet touched the ground and I took a step forward one, and then another And Aiden didn t move He waited It was

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    I honestly have no words I m just going to go to a corener and cry.

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    HOLY DAIMON BABIES Jennifer has done it again Apollyon is even better than the previous in the series, and will leave you wishing you already had the next one on your e reader waiting for you I kid you not, I jerked back and clicked back and forth hoping I was wrong and hadn t reached the end yet I for real pouted for a good ten min

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    Okay so I have admittedly been putting off my review to this book Put away the crestfallen looks that I know my first sentence might have brought on because the truth was, I wanted to have a bit of a think before I wrote down my thoughts for everyone Jennifer s writing is absolutely superb there was no doubt and I loved this book as much as t

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    You know when I said that DEITY was the best Covenant book and I didn t know how anything could top it, well now I m just eating my words because APOLLYON oh my gosh just pushed DEITY into a faraway place never to be seen again Ha But seriously, just when you think something is JLA s best work, another book of hers get released and then THAT becomes he

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    So this is the last thing I read in Deity and then the book ended The First my whole purpose for existing Mine My other half He was here, waiting Already inside me, seeing what I was seeing, whispering to me, promising me that he was coming Seth Mine And they all were going to die.I smiled Soooooo I jump on line to check out the release date for the nex

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    Just give me a second to take this all in GIFSoupOkay, now onto the review which won t contain any spoilers at all I hope First off can I say she has done it again JLA is the only author I ve known that can grab your heart with every word and just rip it out with an ending Apollyon was definitely the quiet before the storm..Sentinel is going to be CRAZY To insure spoiler

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    IT S 4.5 I m torn between 4 and 5 stars It s a 4.5, really, but Goodreads doesn t like halfs and I don t know what is better 4 or 5 Guess I ll go with 5 because I loved the ending Amazing AWESOME If just the whole book had been like the ending I mean, it was incredible I loved the pacing While most of the book was really slow even if I loved a few steamy scenes the first chapters a

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    SpoilersThis was pretty much what I expected It wasn t good, it wasn t awful Okay, it was pretty awful but it wasn t the worst thing I ve ever read there were loads of cheesy parts, predictable arcs and nonsensical dialogue But I have to admit there was the occasional somewhat entertaining moment.Why do I keep reading this series 1 I like most of the secondary characters.2 It reminds me of V

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