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Angels & Demons World Renowned Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon Is Summoned To A Swiss Research Facility To Analyze A Cryptic Symbol Seared Into The Chest Of A Murdered Physicist What He Discovers Is Unimaginable A Deadly Vendetta Against The Catholic Church By A Centuries Old Underground Organization The Illuminati In A Desperate Race To Save The Vatican From A Powerful Time Bomb, Langdon Joins Forces In Rome With The Beautiful And Mysterious Scientist Vittoria Vetra Together They Embark On A Frantic Hunt Through Sealed Crypts, Dangerous Catacombs, And Deserted Cathedrals, And Into The Depths Of The Most Secretive Vault On Earththe Long Forgotten Illuminati Lair Back Cover Dan Brown writes trash, but sometimes trash can have a certain allure Sometimes trash sucks you in as you feel forced to reach the bottom of the rubbish pile and see what secrets it may be hiding And that s the strongest aspect of his writing, the pull Say what you want about the crazily outlandish plot that s built upon a nest of poor research and flat characters Say what you want about the anti Catholic undertones and the semi racist portrayal of the antagonist, there s no denying the intensity of the writing This is a real page turner, the kind that keeps you reading until three in the morning and makes you want to skip to the end of the book just to see what s happening And it s so entertaining like all good trash should be Critically speaking, there is so much wrong with this book but I can t deny how successful it is at keeping the reader involved It creates so many ridiculous questions that just need to be answered I stormed through this book at lightning speed.Looking back though, it is very easy to see the faults Dan Brown hooks his reader, using mystery and suspense as bait, and it is so very easy to bite on the line Though as every fish knows, once you ve been netted life only gets worse This is a book of very cheap thrills, which can be addictive but will only ever be cheap. Wow Before I begin my review, I want to preface it by saying a few things I know a lot of people think Dan Brown is a crappy writer who writes crappy books about crappy stories with crappy characters and crappy, unbelievable plots I know a lot of people think Dan Brown is one of the best at the cheese factor and roll their eyes at his stories I know a lot of people out there know about European history, etc etc than I do, and therefore, I might not be the appropriate judge of this story And I m also aware that this is not the next literary classic HOWEVER I loved this book Every time the action picked up in this book, I had a serious adrenaline rush My heart raced, my eyes frantically read line after line, and my hands automatically went to my mouth I was totally engrossed in the story Dan Brown told, even though I had already seen the movie Watching the movie before the book is very uncharacteristic of me, but I m glad that it happened that way in this case Reading the book cleared up a lot of unanswered questions for me, and the book was different enough from the movie to keep me gasping out loud at plot twists For me, I was hooked along for the ride, and even though some might find his twists unbelievable or even predictable, I was just in it for the story and found myself completely absorbed I appreciated the facts or facts throughout the story that were presented to the reader about the Illuminati, Vatican City, etc and I loved the feeling of being on the inside of solving a puzzle while racing against time I appreciated Robert Langdon s character, and I m so glad they cast Tom Hanks to play his character because even when I read The DaVinci Code years ago, Tom Hanks is always how I pictured Robert Langdon Pretty damn intelligent, resourceful, and witty Dan Brown can be pretty witty, too, and I found myself chuckling from time to time I even enjoyed the general mechanics of this book I liked the short chapters that kept me coming back for They made it easy to fly through the pages I would look down maybe after a half hour or so into reading and be 150 pages further in the book The dun dun dunnn moments at the end of pretty much each chapter had me flipping, too, even though I could understand how some might find that worthy of an eye roll or two My favorite part of the book, besides the adrenaline rushes, was how he bounced from one point of view to another without leaving the reader feeling disoriented Rather, it had the opposite effect for me, clarifying everything by being able to watch the story unfold from all angles After reading The DaVinci Code a few years ago, I was a little hesitant to pick this one upwould I love Dan Brown as much or Or was The DaVinci Code a one time deal Well, I m here to say that I can officially consider myself a fan of Dan Brown, however crappy others might want to declare him. 1 Illustrated Edition 2 10 , 3 2013 16 2013 B 70% Satisfactory NotesThe apotheosis of laugh out loud, so bad it s good writing, it s at first enthralling but descends into garish absurdity.

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