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Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing Building On Wisdom From Hindu, Christian, And Kaballah Traditions, This Comprehensive Guide To Energy Healing Reveals The Hidden Stresses, Beliefs, And Attitudes That Cause Illness Anatomy Of The Spirit Is The Boldest Presentation To Date Of Energy Medicine By One Of Its Premier Practitioners, Internationally Acclaimed Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss, One Of The Hottest New Voices In The Alternative Health Spirituality Scene Publishers Weekly Based On Fifteen Years Of Research Into Energy Medicine, Dr Myss S Work Shows How Every Illness Corresponds To A Pattern Of Emotional And Psychological Stresses, Beliefs, And Attitudes That Have Influenced Corresponding Areas Of The Human Body Anatomy Of The Spirit Also Presents Dr Myss S Breakthrough Model Of The Body S Seven Centers Of Spiritual And Physical Power, In Which She Synthesizes The Ancient Wisdom Of Three Spiritual Traditions The Hindu Chakras, The Christian Sacraments, And The Kabbalah S Tree Of Life To Demonstrate The Seven Stages Through Which Everyone Must Pass In The Search For Higher Consciousness And Spiritual Maturity With This Model, Dr Myss Shows How You Can Develop Your Own Latent Powers Of Intuition As You Simultaneously Cultivate Your Personal Power And Spiritual GrowthBy Teaching You To See Your Body And Spirit In A New Way, Anatomy Of The Spirit Provides You With The Tools For Spiritual Maturity And Physical Wholeness That Will Change Your Life

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    You have to be in the right time and place in your own life for this book I read it at a time when I was actively seeking spiritual enlightenment, and this book absolutely fit the bill My notes are copied here from 2004 after reading my notes, I think I need to re read this book Wonder if I can find it in my stacks somewhere.Spiritual healing and int

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    Some books fall into your hands at the exact right moment This sure did.Even a year ago, I would have easily been turned off by a lot of the language within this There is a lot of God talk, that at one time made me want to drink bleach rather than confront Now I have gotten to the point that while I am not ecstatic when I see it, I do not have an immedia

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    This is a very insightful book that is particularly suited for individuals who have been on the spiritual path for quite some time Here s a great passage from it related to forgiveness as it relates to illness We all have negative feelings, but not all negativity produces disease To create disease, negative emotions have to be dominant, and what accelerates

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    Anatomy of the Spirit marked the beginning of Caroline Myss notorious career on the New Age healing circuit Anatomy is a book that relies heavily on anecdotes and testimonials, offering these as proofs of Divine healings Writing in the fashion of Elisabeth Kubler Ross, Myss touts a PhD in the field of Energy Medicine and boasts a miraculous healing of a man with

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    I alternated between liking the book and being really irritated with it While I do believe that there is to health and illness than just what the Western medical establishment currently understands, there is a lot of science to health and illness This book completely ignores the science Myss gives an example of a man healed from HIV by adopting a healthy, near vege

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    Overall, a good solid book with lots of information, but it failed to provide me with tools that I can use at home to heal myself Therefore, it was a let down, for me, personally.This book goes into a lot of detail about chakras and spiritual jargon, of how the chakras relate to Christian Jewish symbolism not a theologan, can you tell..lol Good But that doesn t really i

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    Refreshing that it wasn t a Polly Anna think positive and everything will all be miraculously healed kind of book It was really an in depth look at the emotional, psychological and mental baggage we carry and how it can lead to spiritual and physical breakdowns She examines these things using the chakras, the sefirots of Kabbalah, as well as the Seven Christian sacraments M

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    This is one of my all time favorites I m reading it again to remind me of those spiritual lessons that are still hiding out from my consciousness

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    I love the premiss of this book mind body connection I came to read this book after struggling for numerous years with chronic lower back pain I explored many areas to explain why this pain was with me and why it wouldn t leave despite many attempts to rid it on my part From Caroline s book, I learned about the chakra system and explored deeply what, if anything, I was doing or had

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    I first learned of Caroline Myss s work through the 2013 Hay House online summit Her interview was very interesting but what struck me was how serious, if not a bit dispirited she sounded at least at the time In any case I was driven to her work, which eventually made me get this book and Sacred Contracts Awakening Your Divine Potential.The book explores the ways in which the Hindu cha

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About the Author: Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss was born on December 2, 1952 in Chicago, and grew up with her parents, and two brothers, one elder and one younger, in the Melrose Park, Illinois neighbourhood near Chicago Caroline was raised a Catholic, and attended the Mother Guerin High School, River Grove, Illinois, run by the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary of the Woods She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in journal