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Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A. The Award Winning And Bestselling Classic Memoir About A Young Chicano Gang Member Surviving The Dangerous Streets Of East Los Angeles, Now Featuring A New Introduction By The AuthorWinner Of The Carl Sandburg Literary Award, Hailed As A New York Times Notable Book, And Read By Hundreds Of Thousands, Always Running Is The Searing True Story Of One Man S Life In A Chicano Gang And His Heroic Struggle To Free Himself From Its GripBy Age Twelve, Luis Rodriguez Was A Veteran Of East Los Angeles Gang Warfare Lured By A Seemingly Invincible Gang Culture, He Witnessed Countless Shootings, Beatings, And Arrests And Then Watched With Increasing Fear As Gang Life Claimed Friends And Family Members Before Long, Rodriguez Saw A Way Out Of The Barrio Through Education And The Power Of Words And Successfully Broke Free From Years Of Violence And Desperation Achieving Success As An Award Winning Poet, He Was Sure The Streets Would Haunt Him No Until His Young Son Joined A Gang Rodriguez Fought For His Child By Telling His Own Story In Always Running, A Vivid Memoir That Explores The Motivations Of Gang Life And Cautions Against The Death And Destruction That Inevitably Claim Its ParticipantsAt Times Heartbreakingly Sad And Brutal, Always Running Is Ultimately An Uplifting True Story, Filled With Hope, Insight, And A Hard Earned Lesson For The Next Generation

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    I found out about this book during my time working at Garfield There were a lot of books in the classroom libraries about gang life, books of poetry by Tupac Shakur, stuff the students prefered as it had to do with, you know, real life Which was, in a way, b

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    Luis Rodriguez speaks out of a virtually unheard experience a young Chicano man who survived la vida loca gang culture in South San Gabriel Rodriguez writing is raw and brutally honest, but with a lyricism that will stop readers in their tracks He gives voice to

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    I found this to be a powerful and painful read It s not easy reading about the gang experience It s harder still when you know it could have been your story if circumstances had been different I knew it was bad in LA, but I had no idea how hard it was just to surviv

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    The glaring contradictions in this memoir make it hard to side with the author You can only take so many I was given no opportunities paragraphs next to ones about voluntary drug use, sex, and violence until it s impossible to believe anything the author says.

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    Growing up in California, and attending schools that were often 50% or hispanic, I was really interested in this book I was hoping that it would expose to me the culture, and reasons, behind gangs To some extent, the book achieved this.However, I was so put off by the book

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    Always Running is an engaging and intelligent look into the socio political factors that have led to the proliferation of street gangs in the last century in areas where large percentages of citizens have few opportunities but plentiful obstacles, told through the firsthand exp

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    ALWAYS RUNNING IS AN AMAZING BOOKThis book is about a young boy named Luis Rodrigues known as the author It talks about Gang days back in the old days of Los Angeles This book is based on his real life, some people dont realize how life is because they havent gone through or havent

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    Being in education, I m always curious about banned books and books with lots of buzz Here in California, Always Running is kept behind the checkout desk at my local library because it is one of the most stolen books, so I wanted to check it out Interesting enough but not steal worthy

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    I think it was a really good book It never got out of the story it was very concentrated on Luis The main Character.

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    It was a good book that portrayed the streets of LA I really related to what the author talked about even though he recollected events that are years past my time Growing up in LA county my entire life, and being half Mexican, is what made me really relate to the authors memoir.

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About the Author: Luis J. Rodríguez

Luis J Rodr guez b 1954 is a poet, journalist, memoirist, and author of children s books, short stories, and novels His documentation of urban and Mexican immigrant life has made him one of the most prominent Chicano literary voices in the United States Born in El Paso, Texas, to Mexican immigrant parents, Rodr guez grew up in Los Angeles, where in his teen years he joined a gang, lived on