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All Things Consoled: A Daughter's Memoir Elizabeth Hay, One Of Canada S Most Beloved Novelists Has Written A Poignant, Complex, And Hugely Resonant Memoir About The Shift She Experienced Between Being Her Parents Daughter To Their Guardian And CaregiverAs The Daughter Takes Charge, And The Writer Takes Notes, Her Mother And Father Are Like Two Legendary Icebergs Floating South They Melt Into The Ocean Of Partial, Painful, Inconsistent, And Funny Stories That A Family Makes Over Time Hay S Eloquent Memoir Distills These Stories Into Basic Truths About Parents And Children And Their Efforts Of Understanding With Her Uncommon Sharpness And Wit, Elizabeth Hay Offers Her Insights Into The Peculiarities Of Her Family S Dynamics Her Parents Marriage, Sibling Rivalries, Miscommunications That Spur Decades Of Resentment All Matched By True And Genuine Love And Devotion Her Parents Are Each Startling Characters In Their Own Right Her Mother Is A True Skinflint Who Would Rather Serve Up Wormy Soup Twice Than Throw Away An Ancient Packet Of Perfectly Good Mix Her Father Is A Proud And Well Mannered Man With A Temper That Can Be Explosive All Things Consoled Is A Startlingly Beautiful Memoir That Addresses The Exquisite Agony Of Family, The Unstoppable Force Of Dementia, And The Inevitability Of Aging

About the Author: Elizabeth Hay

From Elizabeth Hay s web site Elizabeth Hay was born in Owen Sound, Ontario, the daughter of a high school principal and a painter, and one of four children When she was fifteen, a year in England opened up her world and set her on the path to becoming a writer She attended the University of Toronto, then moved out west, and in 1974 went north to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories For th

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    acts of love are never uncomplicated Acclaimed Canadian novelist, Elizabeth Hay has produced a beautifully written and affecting memoir about her parents last years In 2008 when Hay s narrative opens, the frail couple are in their late eighties and living in London, Ontario, a mid sized city in the southwest of the province, some seven hours drive from the author s Ottawa home Gordon, Elizabeth s father, had been an ambit

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    I was in dangerous personal territory, in fraught border country in which my parents were sliding into neediness and I was rising in power, yet losing my own life All Things Consoled is esteemed Canadian novelist Elizabeth Hay s account of taking on the role as her parents primary family contact as they reached their final years Complicating this always demanding function is the difficult relationship that Hay had with her parent

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    Emotionally devastating Elizabeth Hay writes with unflinching honesty and lyrical beauty This book feels like a gift.

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    so good elizabeth hay tells a difficult story with grace while this memoir will be relatable for anyone with aging parents and grandparents who are dealing with declining bodies and minds, hay also includes some wonderful insights and observations around end of life care, family dynamics, and family history.

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    3.5 STARS This was the first time I had read a book by Canadian author Elizabeth Hay In All Things Consoled, she writes about her complicated relationship with her parents growing up as well as the changing dynamic between herself and her parents as they aged Hay s writing is frank, especially when she discusses her turbulent childhood and the complicated relationship she had with her parents Through the ups and downs, her love for her parents is the focu

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    What a remarkable book Elizabeth Hay is a brilliant, beautiful, effective writer Here she takes on the most difficult subject of all the adult child and her parents in decline Agonizing So honest it is sometimes off putting, freeing us all from the constraints imposed by presenting only our polite and polished selves, the one that is too sweet to be really human If I was a Pulitzer judge, this would get my vote It has the potential to change the way we see famili

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    A tale of consolation, love and coming to terms with the messiness of family as the author cares for her parents as they age Tissues are needed as Hay s says good bye to her parents and reflects on lifetimes of moments as their relationship changed as they aged and declined.

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    Very moving, thought provoking, gentle, beautifully written A full review is in process.

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    I am a huge Elizabeth Hay fan well, she s had some real winners and others that I am so so on , so I really enjoyed reading her memoir She details her life growing mostly in terms of her relationships with her parents and how it shaped her what did they expect, were they proud, how did they get along And a little bit on how her brothers and sisters fared with the same parents, eg why not as combative, or why 1 kid picked on than others, or is that how all of them remember it, etc I jus

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    Acutely observed, terribly honest.

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