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Agyar From Bestselling Fantasy Author Steven Brust Comes This Paranormal Novel Of Immortality And Its PriceBorn Over A Century Ago, Agyar Was Once A Frivolous Young Man, Before He Found Unwanted Immortality In A Woman S Blood Red Lips Now He Goes From Woman To Woman, And Decade To Decade, Finding Himself At Last In An Midwestern College Town, Where He Must Choose Between The Seductions Of Salvation And Of Destruction I really like Brust This one played down some of the common Brust elements It s hard to go on and on about food and cooking when your narrator has a purely liquid diet, and a single liquid at that And there wasn t much on drumming, or the Grateful Dead, and the Hungarian allusions were at a minimum It still had than its share of cleverness, and the main character was quite likable, for a vampire The story kind of sneaks up on you For a while, I felt as though nothing was happening, and yet it was And it built to an ending that I thought was completely satisfying I didn t like this one as well as many of Brust s other books, and it was not the best vampire book I ve ever read But I m glad I read it, and I think its worth it for anyone who likes Brust s way of doing things. I like vampire novels this isn t one nor is it horror or romance, yet it s all 3 The word vampire is never once mentioned in the book, yet you re left with no doubt as to what Brust means I really can t say , maybe shouldn t have said that much The process of discovery is one of the things that makes this book so well done Each word is crafted with a precision that leads to inescapable conclusions, yet almost made me want to re read it to see if I could have misunderstood.The world is ours, with a slight twist, requiring very little suspension of belief for a fantasy The characters are well done I understood their motivations well, even when I didn t like them There is a sense of predestination permeating the book, which I don t normally care for, but was pulled off in a masterful manner.I really like Brust s writing, especially his Taltos series, but this book may well be the best that he s written I don t LIKE it the best, don t re read it as often as the Taltos books, but I think the writing plot were the best he s ever done It s just not as fun relaxing as the others Still, it isn t work It s a fairly quick read. 5.0 stars One of the best vampire novels I have ever read and the only one in which the word vampire does not appear A haunting, emotional story that will stay with you long after you are finished reading the book. I ve been a fan of Brust since I was in college long, long ago and was very interested when one of his works of a non Vlad Taltos kind was made available for purchase.After about 4 pages I was utterly hooked Nobody works a book behind the scenes like Brust His ability to impart a metric butt ton of information by what he DOES NOT include in dialogue, descriptions and plot is amazing.There are certain conventions one grows accustomed to after reading a lot of horror sf fantasy almost like author macros which are conveniently used to provide background Brust is able to impart a very significant amount of information by omitting those conventions and leaving it up to the reader.I really like the work in that it was a sort of common story, written in a most uncommon way. Don t let the inane prologue put you off, this is a pretty good little vampire story, a quick, absorbing read It s a first person narrative of a rather aimless vampire who manages to repress most of his wicked instincts and so tends to think of himself as a decent guy He comes across as likable, and only his casually ruthless treatment of a girl named Jill keeps you from agreeing with him.It didn t really work for me as a romance It s also not quite horror The book is never explicit or gory and the author assumes you already know what a vampire s habits are and leaves a great deal to your imagination For the most part I liked the slightly cryptic style, and I think I ll look for by this author. If urban fantasy is not your favorite genre, than you ll love this urban fantasy. I read this book because later in the year I will be attending a workshop at which the author, Steven Brust, is an instructor As a kind of game, I didn t read the book s summary blurb I wanted to let the story engage me on its own merits without knowing what it was about.It took me a while to put together the clues Not long, but if I had read This is a novel about a vampire it would have taken away some of the fun of not knowing, of having to piece together the clues, of figuring things out.The main character in this book is very well developed, and I am sorry that Agyar is a stand alone novel, even though that is why I chose it in the first place I d like to read about him Some of the other characters are less three dimensional, but they are depicted through the eyes of the main character A predator.I don t normally like books wherein the character acknowledges writing the very book that I am reading, addressing the act of writing and conjecturing about who might be reading it Butthis really worked for me, in this case I wasn t put off by it in the least Well, maybe a little at the very beginning, but I got over it This is a vampire novel And yet, it is not a Vampire Novel It is not soaked in seduction, sex, and blood, although those definitely play a part But they are not the part The story is about Jack John Agyar and what he must do to overcome the difficulty he finds himself in If that occasionally involves seduction, sex, and blood, that s because it s what he must do to live.It is a violent story, but told from the viewpoint of the creature who must commit violence or die He seems callous at times, vindictive and cruel at others, but tender and regretful as well He is a man of some honor, but it s an odd kind of honor that s a bit horrifying at times.I look forward to reading of Brust s work. Subtle and sometimes chilling, but overall really dull. Agyar is a vampire novel that never once uses the words undead blood or vampire There That s the whole review.I mean, sure, the book has some okay moments, there s some nice turns of phrase, and it s kind of neat to read vampire novels that don t try and hide how shitty the main character is But, and I am saying this as a Steven Brust fan, there s no point in reading this book.I got to the final chapter and just thought oh, okay, I guess that was the story It was just This book was dry toast It s hard to have an opinion on dry toast It s a thing It s not bad, but nothing about it is memorable outside of the unique idea Read Agyar if you want to read something short and, y know, there Or, don t Pick up something else by Brust for short He s normally a lot better than this.

About the Author: Steven Brust

Steven Karl Zolt n Brust born November 23, 1955 is an American fantasy and science fiction author of Hungarian descent He was a member of the writers group The Scribblies, which included Emma Bull, Pamela Dean, Will Shetterly, Nate Bucklin, Kara Dalkey, and Patricia Wrede, and also belongs to the Pre Joycean Fellowship.

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