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Accidentally In Love Brooke Is Willing To Do Just About Anything For Her Boss She S Got Student Loans To Pay Back, And Even Though Being Liz Walker S Personal Assistant Is A Demanding Job, She Needs It Brooke S Crush On Liz Makes It Easy To Get Through Those Long Days Running Around New York City Rescheduling Appointments Or Putting Out Fires For Her When Liz Caved And Got Herself A Personal Assistant A Year Ago, She Never Imagined It Would Work Out So Well, But When They Re Mistaken For A Couple And Presented With A Business Opportunity, Liz Thinks About Continuing The Charade Beyond One Night It Doesn T Take Long For Lines To Blur What Happens When A Pretend Relationship Is Full Of Real Feelings With Liz S Reputation And A Payday For Brooke On The Line, Figuring Out How To Keep This Sham Relationship Going Gets Harder And Harder If You Love Lesbian Fake Relationship Romances Or Age Gap Romances, This Book Is A Must Read, Words Sweet, easy to read, not too complicated and sexy. This isn t the usual fake relationship romance I don t want to give anything away, but this isn t a slow burn The pace is perfect, the sex scenes steamy, plus it s an age gap romance This is another winner from Carol Wyatt. I hate writing negative reviews but I should have given up on this book when the thought first crossed my mind Not only do the main characters have no real chemistry but the entire plot was weakly put together Several secondary characters were introduced as part of the plot only to become entirely irrelevant and eclipsed by the actions of tertiary characters I didn t even know that was possible A lot of the reasoning for the behavior of both Liz and Brooke made no sense Liz s whole reason for pretending to be a couple revolves around a character who she should be avoiding like the plague considering their troubled history This woman is that character from horror movies who hears a noise in the basement and goes to find out what it is For the majority of the book I kept waiting for something significant to happen When it finally did, it made me question what on earth the author was thinking when she wrote a plot twist that resulted in the ridiculously exaggerated behavior of one of the main characters If you re feeling brave, by all means give this book a shot but don t say I didn t warn you Oh and be prepared for all the spelling and grammar errors I stopped counting after a dozen Overall rating is a 1,5 This one had a pretty promising start We have Brooke, an assistant to the very attractive Liz, a real estate developer They falsify a relationship which turns into the real thing, you know the drill And I was all here for it Their romantic chemistry could ve been stronger, but I was enjoying their dynamic The sex was pretty hot, too.However, the last few chapters and abrupt ending lost me The last minute drama didn t work for me, either.This won t deter me from Carol Wyatt I ll check out of her content.

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