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A Wedding at the Italians Demand 2.5 stars.OK read.Angsty read tortured H with emotional scars that make him cold ruthless for most of the book.Heroine is deceived to get into a fake engagement in order for the H to get guardianship of a little child family s honor and so on.The pretense becomes real the end. Emotional, enjoyable and sweet at times The H wasn t as bad as he first appeared He was arrogant and a bit harsh But he was dealing with the fact that his brother died a month earlier and he didn t know And with his grandfather s illness The h was sassy and had some real zingers for the H She had her hands full adjusting to being a mom to her baby nephew after the death of his parents, when the H showed up on her doorstep with his own plans to take the baby from her The part that affected me the most was grandfather s Alzheimer s My mum has Alzheimer s and it breaks my heart to see the woman who knew everything reduced to barely recognizing me For anyone else out there with a loved one suffering from this awful disease you are not alone My heart goes out to you It is devastatingly difficult. I wanted to read this book first from this months HP because it is Kim Lawrence Sadly, this book wasn t as good as her other works It s slow and takes it own sweet time There are pages of narration at the start and it is kind of boring to read.The main characters are likable and at times cute, but it s a very slow read and that ruins most of the story Ending seemed abrupt and epilogue was sweet but still I don t know, I think I expected from Kim Lawrence. A good marriage of Convenience read , the H was so cold but not the cold Ruthless type which I love No he was cold as a cucumber , liked the h she was sweet and lovely , my favorite part was the epilogue because the h got Pregnant a miracle baby in spite of being told she can t have children Love it A wonderful passionate but emotional read. Coraz n En Deuda Versi n Come Back To Italy With Me As My Fianc E Ivo Greco Is Determined To Claim His Orphaned Nephew The Infant Who Will Inherit The Greco Fortune To Do So, He Needs To Convince The Baby S Legal Guardian, Fiery Flora Henderson, To Wear His Ring But Whisking Flora To Tuscany As His Fake Fianc E Comes With A Complication Their Undeniable Chemistry A Permanent Marriage Was Never In The Cards For Coolheaded Ivo Until Now Escape To Italy With This Engagement Of Convenience

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