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A Walking Tour of the Shambles I do love Gaiman s work and enjoy real travel books I wanted to like this one so much And it was clever and cute Even so, I tired of it quickly Not my thing. WellI m not going to say it wasn t clever, but I will say it was rather dull I probably wouldn t have finished it had it been much longer. This is a very short book, and was actually co written by Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe whom Gaiman has often declared himself a fan of It purports to be a walking tour of an area known as The Shambles , which is a fictional neighborhood in Chicago where Wolfe lives and obviously is the site of some extremely strange history Some of the locations include a really weird church, a house of clocks, and a house belonging to H.H Holmes America s first serial killer All of which remain rather dangerous for the casual visitor This book is fun, and while not a long read is an easy recreational read, sure to please both Gaiman and Wolfe s fans. Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe collaborate on this sightseeing guide to an imaginary Chicago neighborhood called the Shambles As one might expect, this neighborhood oozes with oddities and details gothic and supernatural, all related in a dry and highly humorously style Very short, but likely to entertain fans of either author. This little book was the other Gaiman novelty I found while organizing a bookshelf over the weekend Like Shoggoth s Old Peculiar, this book is short, not quite a novel, and is probably only for the hardest of hardcore Neil Gaiman fans, though special mention should be made that Gene Wolfe fans might also get a kick out of it I say that because the prose seems to have been written by Wolfethan Gaiman I don t have a lot of experience reading Wolfe, but I do remember his style being drier than Gaiman s, and this book simply doesn t read like Gaiman s works.The Shambles is a fictional area of Chicago that Gaiman and Wolfe dare to describe to us, with its questionable restaurants, strange houses, and eldritch atmosphere Included in the area is a petting zoo that s great for children so long as they re not your own , a clock museum best visited right at the hour, and closes at six pm sharp , and a park that s a great place to relax so long as the crocodile doesn t get involved It doesn t include a map, unfortunately, but the descriptions of the attractions and sights in this three block area of the city should be enough to shape out the region in your mind.The book is very brief 57 pages , but entertaining enough It would make a cute read for fans of either author, but I m not sure there s enough here for casual readers to spend their time with Regardless, it s a cute novelty that fits in well with the rest of my Neil Gaiman collection. An absolutely delightful little time saver Would have completely missed the Swandoliers if not for this book. I ve read a lot of walking guides, often for places I ve been to But none has delighted me as much as this imaginative work of fiction, and oh, I so wish it was a real place I could visit I read it over 3 nights, because it was so packed full of ideas and fun stuff, I didn t want to rush it The illustrations are also highly evocative, and remind me of the old Fighting Fantasy illustrations from the 1980s Indeed the whole book has some of that air about it conjuring up images of a wonderful place that I wish I could go and explore I can t recommend this highly enough It s a slim book, just a chapbook really, but well worth reading if you like the weird, or historical, or strange, or just imaginative And it is still in print, and available from the publishers direct. This is a campy fictionalization of a walking tour guide of the shambles, a neighborhood in Chicago In it there are a number of humorous horror elements detailing the various locales and some of the denizens of the area One of my favorites was the Rent a Rifle at the top of the largest building where you would attempt to shoot sight seers of the sears building Overall, I would probably say that this is one that most people could skip but as it was written by two of my favorite authors it has been on my too read list for quite some time. In this little book, Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe provide a helpful tourist s guide to the Shambles, a mysterious and terrifying neighbourhood in Chicago The preface claims that the neighbourhood does not actually exist but I have reason to believe that they were bought off by the International Brotherhood of Meatworkers, a rather sinister organization mentioned several times throughout the guide but never explained in detail The preface also claims that there is not a website at www.preserveusfromthehouseofclocks.com , but, as you can see, there is The guide is split into three main sections each exploring a street in the Shambles in detail, giving descriptions and histories of major landmarks, such as the House of Clocks the Cereal House, which requires you to give next of kin before staying the night and the historic house of serial killer H H Holmes It also takes side trips to locations such as the ancient Chinese mausoleum under the city, in which you are advised to avoid any people with teeth longer than your own, and Saunder s Park, which contains the lovely Petting Zoo, a great place to bring children preferably not your own , assuming you can avoid the crocodile that guards the entrance to the park.The guide also gives helpful advice such as how to properly treat the Swandaliers who steer the swan boats or Swandolas of Saunder s Park, or how to securely enter Gavagan s Irish Saloon first remove 10 from your wallet, then mail your wallet to yourself, then hide the 10 in your right shoe.Highly recommended. Gene Wolfe And Neil Gaiman Invite You To Tour The Shambles, That Historic Old Chicago Neighborhood Which Miraculously Survived The Great Fire OfYa Can T Burn Hell, As One Local Politician Laughingly Remarked Uniquely Chicago, The Shambles Offers An Array Of Delights For The Intrepid Sightseer Cereal House With Its Terribly Strange Bed Be Sure To Fill Out The Next Of Kin Form If You Stay The Night A Quaint Touch Adding To The Fun Of An Overnight Visit The House Of Clocks Boasts A Collection Of , Time Pieces Make Sure You Arrive On The Hour, For An Unforgettable Moment The Historic HH Holmes House With The Bars On His Children S Windows Still Intact Saunders Park, A Soothing Respite From The City Streets If One Is Careful , With Its Gardens, Statuary, Ornamental Lake And The Infamous Petting Zoo A Favorite With Children, But It S Best Not To Bring Your Own Plus Many Intriguing Sights In The Finest Tradition Of Charles Addams And Edward Gorey, Our Trustworthy Guides Gene Wolfe And Neil Gaiman Reveal The Secrets Of The Shambles, Finding The Best Places To Eat, And Where Not To Accept Food Under Any Circumstances , Where To Begin Your Walking Tour, And When To Run The Shambles Has Been Called A Place Of Dark Magic And Deadly Menace Many Will Insist There Is No Such Place Most Pray It Does Not Exist Certainly, A Spot Not To Be Missed By Any Avid Sightseer Come Along Walk Lively, Now The Inhabitants Of The Shambles Are Dying To Meet You This Lovely Edition Of A Walking Tour Of The Shambles Sports A Cover By Gahan Wilson, America S Reigning King Of Whimsical Terrors, Plus Interior Illustrations Of Shambles Locales By Randy Broecker And Earl Geier, Two Daring Chicagoans

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