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A Stranger's Touch (Psychic Triplet Trilogy, Book 2) I like this series, and this book was good too I would have given it four stars except that it felt repetative Not the story necessarily, but the details She wonders about the fog and the water and who what she feels Could it be her father or something sinister Every time she has that thought, it s that same thought, in detail, like maybe we d forgotten It s okay to wonder about what s in the fog, but after the first couple detailed times, a simple, what s out there will sufficeand that s just one example, it happened with other thoughts and points in the book But still, it s a good story, I just have to get over that part I guess Tempest Best came back to Marcus Greystone and their one night stand best left forgotten Marcus needs her to find out who killed his parents in a tragic hit and run and find out the reason why Tempest needs a special piece of jewelry that is in Marcus s possession that has the magic of putting her family back together And in the process maybe it will help Tempest deal with her father s death of which she has blamed herself for ever since she was a child.Tempest can hold an object or even touch another human being with her bare hand and come away with that person s past and emotions and hurts No wonder she wears gloves all the time Having that power is amazing in itself, just like this book.I don t know why, but I love reading about meeting your one night stand again There is just so much sexual tension in these stories because the characters know what they did was wrong so they try and stay apart but they of course can t, no matter how hard they try And I Love That I love sexual tension in any given situation, but one night standers are the best I love the heat and the chemistry between Tempest and Marcus.A well written book is so enjoyable to read as I m sure it was to write for Cait London Every one of her books I have enjoyed immensely I m so glad A Stranger s Touch turned out to be a keeper. I liked the suspense in this series it s not too crazy and the extrasensory Celtic stuff makes it interesting Can t wait to read the next Known as the reckless sister, the heroine has the tendency to leap into every situation head first and without stopping to think things through It s this rash behavior that made her sleep with the hansom but cold hero the night of her art exhibit and leave the next morning without a word It s this rashness that makes her spend a year hunting down a artifact that been haunting her sisters dreams and proceed to break into the building where the piece is being kept She thought she had it all figured outuntil she sees that it s all been a trap The hero, rich, spoiled but living with the painful memories of an abusive childhood, isn t accustomed to having his plaything leave before he s finished with it And he views the heroine as his plaything His pride was wounded when she leave without word the morning following their night together so he s spent a great deal of time and energy researching her and tracking her down He knows about her time spent in a lab and he knows about her powers to see visions by touching an object So what started as a means to get revenge for his pride turns into hope that she ll be able to discover who killed his parents He lures a trap with the artifact as bait and when she comes calling, he blackmails her into working for him The heroine felt great attraction for the hero which was why she left in the first place and she really wants to distance herself from temptation but she needs that artifact to stop the evil force targeting her family So, she agrees to travel with him to his childhood town and investigate a murder over 20 years old Arriving, she s greeted by less than friendly people Turns out his father was a real asshole who abused him and his mother and his mother, loved by all, shouldered the abuse for the good of her son and her secret lover The heroine asking questions has stirred up a whole lot of bitterness and secrets that most would have liked kept quiet And being by the lake is playing with the heroine s powers, making her envision her dead father Plus she s being targeted by the evil force that s been hunting her family While at the same time, the hero and heroine must deal with what lies between them It s clear the hero feels far deeply towards her than he imagined and she herself wants to be the one to sooth all of his pains The are bonding like her sisters have with their husbands but unfortunately the hero isn t making things easy But one things clear, he ll never allow anyone to hurt her and there s no way she s ever going to be free of him I didn t much care for this book Not because of disagreeable characters because I rather enjoyed them as a whole Not because the plot was rather pointless and far too dull to be a suspense novel I didn t much like it because of it s writing style It was hard to follow It felt like the authors first language wasn t English and as such the phrases were disjointed and just off at times I kept thinking why would she put it that way Also, this author had the habit of bombarding the reader with questions One paragraph would have the character rattle off at least 5 questions one after the other and it took soo damn long for any of them to be answered They would be asked again and again and with no answer It drove me crazy It didn t flow right and as such I couldn t surrender myself to the story While I liked the characters, things about them put me off The hero s possessiveness for starters Also how he allowed everyone close to him to talk trash about the heroine I would have expected someone as supposedly cold and ruthless as the hero not to inspire that familiarity However, because of his kindness and respect for those around him, I actually gave props He simply told them that the heroine made him happy so she ll remain Good man The heroine was probably thee worst investigator I suppose that s not her typical job but still, try to act nonchalant No, instead she walks right up to perfect strangers and asked them how the hero s parents were murdered and what they know about it Of course she s disliked because of it Over all, meh for story, meh for characters and a boo for writing aesthetics 1.5 stars rounded up to a 2 star but I have little interest in reading the other books in the series. Tempest is a triplet, like her mother and siblings, she was born with an ability Tempest can just touch an object and will know everything about the person s that last touched it Her mother and sister have been dreaming about a brooch There is evil surrounding them, and the key of what is happening behind the evil stems by getting the brooch Tempest has been hunting for the brooch, and learns of a private collector She locates where the brooch is being kept and makes a plan to sneak in and touch it Except, it doesn t go as planned Marcus Greystone was waiting for her, they met long ago, and he s never forgotten her Marcus did research on her family and had a plan of his own Marcus strikes a deal with Tempest, if she will use her psychic abilities to solve who killed his parents then the brooch will be hers Tempest takes the challenge, but the evil that her mother and sister dreamed about, has located Tempest Now Tempest, has many issues on her plate Is she getting stronger, or is the evil that hunts her depleting her ability Good Book 3.5 STARS Tempest, Claire, and Leona triplets blessed or cursed with a special extra sense they would each deny, given the chance.Tempest was born with the uncanny ability to learn everything about an object or even a person just by the touch of her naked hands But she knows this gift comes at a price, so she protects herself by keeping those she loves at a distance, But when a sinister enemy threatens all that she holds dear, Tempest is forced to reach out to Marcus Greystone, who she once touched willingly and with passionate abandon.Marcus has never forgotten the sensuous night he and Tempest shared before she left his bed without a word Now that she needs his help, Marcus isn t letting her go easily It s his chance to show Tempest that his touch can also electrify But a gathering storm of violence is following Tempest, and a killer waits to get his hands on her From I enjoy this sexy paranormal romantic suspense London is good at creating chemistry between heroine and hero. This book kept me intrigued because I was curious about who the murderer was and the significance of the brooch The romance part left a lot to be desired This would have been better off as solely a sci fi type of read rather a romance I did not feel any connection between Tempest and Marcus I felt nothing I just came off feeling these were two people brought together for investigative purposes The timing of the book seemed off to me All of this happened in 5 7 days but it darn sure felt like it happened over a month s time frame Tempest was a target for any and everything to happen to her and Marcus was the knight or prince to the rescue That became annoying near the end because it kept repeating itself but with different scenarios Last but not leastlove in 5 7 days Really WoW Maybe I m a cynic but this developed too quickly and there was development of the relationship. The Aisling Bartel triplets are something else all psychic to some degree This is Tempest s story Tempest is searching for a Viking brooch which holds some secret to her families past The brooch is owned by Marcus Greystone, the man she had a one night stand with a year ago The sparks fly between these two immediately as they are both strong personalities and neither will give way When old evil returns to stalk Tempest, Marcus is there as her protector.I really like these characters The deep link between twins and triplets has always fascinated me These three sisters have that going on as well as real psychic gifts Their adventures are interesting but dragging out what evil is haunting them is driving me nuts. I really loved this book I realized after I was reading it that it was the second book in a trilogy, but it was too good and I didn t want to put it down Tempest is a psychic and has the ability to touch an object and learn it s history She s after an antique that might tell her about her family, when she realizes that the brooch is within distance of her she sets her sights on getting it.Too bad the person knows she s coming and doesn t want to let her go.Marcus is annoyed that Tempest could walk away from him, so when she needs his help he s than happy to provide it as long as he gets something in return.I thought the book moved quickly, the plot was engaging and it was definitely different from other books I ve read The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars was because I was a little annoyed with the heroine at some points She had a habit of rushing into danger, thereby needing to be rescued alot Annoying.Other than that, a great book I would definitely recommend it, and now I have to go find the first one so I can devour that one lol Too bad I know what happens Tempest, Claire, And Leona Triplets Blessed Or Cursed With A Special Extra Sense They Would Each Deny, Given The ChanceTempest Was Born With The Uncanny Ability To Learn Everything About An Object Or Even A Person Just By The Touch Of Her Naked Hands But She Knows This Gift Comes At A Price, So She Protects Herself By Keeping Those She Loves At A Distance, But When A Sinister Enemy Threatens All That She Holds Dear, Tempest Is Forced To Reach Out To Marcus Greystone, Who She Once Touched Willingly And With Passionate AbandonMarcus Has Never Forgotten The Sensuous Night He And Tempest Shared Before She Left His Bed Without A Word Now That She Needs His Help, Marcus Isn T Letting Her Go Easily It S His Chance To Show Tempest That His Touch Can Also Electrify But A Gathering Storm Of Violence Is Following Tempest, And A Killer Waits To Get His Hands On Her

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