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A Saucerful of Secrets In an effort to make room for new books I sometimes start reading a book from my shelf that I think I can get rid of after reading I figured this would be a fun read, but nothing special I was quite wrong about the latter Oh, I loved this book I somehow put it on hold for a while and really regret not reading it in one go All thereason for a future re read though This story has believable characters that you bond with right away Not only that, but whenever characters interacted with each other, it just felt real Even if it was a big group There are a few you will love to hate, but most are very likeable and quite quirky.I find it very hard to categorize this book I really have no idea about the genre All I know is it was great For the longest time there s this certain atmosphere calm and cozy, but intriguing And then as you near the end the whole story just flips, and you realize how great a job the author did at casually telling you about things that play a huge part in the eventual resolution without ever giving away what will happen Kudos Anyway, it s a fun read, it has that 60s London atmosphere and it touched on so many emotions If I had to name one point of criticism I d say the ending was wrapped up a little to neatly It was pleasant to be able to peek into the characters future, but not really necessary A Teenage Girl Comes To Ealing To Meet Her Birth Mother, A Glamorous, Bohemian Writer, In This Blackly Funny Novel With A Stunning TwistIt IsLondon Swings, Men Land On The Moon, And Thirteen Year Old Kim Tanner Appears On Imogen S Doorstep To Announce She Is Her Long Lost Daughter Imogen Has Written A Bestseller About The Baby She Was Forced To Give Away, So There Have Been Many Contenders But Kim Is Special, And Imogen Is Convinced So Kim Moves In And Proceeds To Bring Order To Chaos Then Along Comes The Pretty, Appealing Sukie, Also Claiming To Be Imogen S ChildKim Is Determined To Prove She Is The Real Daughter, But When She Starts Digging She Unearths A Very Murky Story As this was for my book club, I wasn t really sure what to expect but was rather expecting the worst As it turns out, though, I really enjoyed it It s written very accessibly, but under the story of a teenager finding her adoptive mother at the tail end of the 60s, and her mother s Bohemian lifestyle, are ratherserious themes which are dealt with sympathetically Not the kind of book I d normally have picked up, but I m glad I did. Touching novel about adoption and identity Another family mystery Well written and very enjoyable. Quite jolly Rather farfetched but engaging Way better than Dancing with Dr Kildare, which was dreadful. Didnt expected the ending at all Gave three stars cause i felt it was a little too draggy for me But still a relatively good read. Adoption and amateur theatricals in the 60s, with an endearingly practical heroine.

About the Author: Jane Yardley

Jane Yardley is an English author, raised in a village in 1960s Essex She went to university in London and gained a Ph.D degree from Charing Cross Hospital Medical School Although living in London she spends much of her time travelling around the world co ordinating medical trials for a small Japanese pharmaceutical company,indeed she says that her first novel Painting Ruby Tuesday 2003 was w

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