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A Natural History of Dragons Genuinely I loved this I picked this up at long last at what I felt was the perfect time not only had two of my great friends been recently discussing it and saying how much they enjoyed it Paul and Elizabeth but they also mentioned the focus on anatomy and science and drawing of Dragons I ve owned this book for literally years now, and I felt like it was about time I got to reading it I m so glad that the time I chose to start it was also the time when I was involved in drawing Dinosaur anatomy for University, as Dinos and Dragons are not too far removed and the blend of book and project helped me to fully immerse myself within this world This story follows the early life of Lady Trent who we know as Isabella She s a young lady with a dangerous passion Dragons In this world Dragons are rare, but not uncommon in some areas of the world Isabella has always had a passion for the majestic beasts, and she s made a habit of borrowing books on the subject from her father and sneaking in to see the beasts if ever an opportunity arises We follow, in Lady Trent s own words, her childhood and early adult life including her first excursion to discoverabout the creatures and also get involved in the mysteries of life abroad The adventure is real and raw, and filled with dangers no one foresaw, but she and her friends are resourceful.The pacing and plotting of this book are fantastic allowing the reader to follow easily and yet be drawn in The very British sensibilities make this a wonderfully amusing read at times too, and seeing Lady Trent face the difficulties of being a woman in a man s world really worked Isabella is lucky enough to be surrounded by men who arefree with her than most would be, and so she enjoys things rather unladylike I loved seeing the adventurous explorer and researcher within the prim and proper facade This book made me laugh and smile, chuckle and roll my eyes and even get a little bit emotional too I would recommend this to fans of Gail Carriger s books as I think that they have a similar feel, even if it s ratherfocused on Dragons than Vamps Werewolves A splendid read, 5 s, and I already have book 2 waiting for me to dive into it Phenomenal A perfect combination of light hearted science adventures and some serious consideration of the restriction of women s and men s lives in patriarchies Oh and dragons, let s not forget the dragons I came in for the dragon based adventure times and got smacked right in the feels Just read it. You, Dear Reader, Continue At Your Own Risk It Is Not For The Faint Of Heart No So Than The Study Of Dragons Itself But Such Study Offers Rewards Beyond Compare To Stand In A Dragon S Presence, Even For The Briefest Of Moments Even At The Risk Of One S Life Is A Delight That, Once Experienced, Can Never Be Forgotten All The World, From Scirland To The Farthest Reaches Of Eriga, Know Isabella, Lady Trent, To Be The World S Preeminent Dragon Naturalist She Is The Remarkable Woman Who Brought The Study Of Dragons Out Of The Misty Shadows Of Myth And Misunderstanding Into The Clear Light Of Modern Science But Before She Became The Illustrious Figure We Know Today, There Was A Bookish Young Woman Whose Passion For Learning, Natural History, And, Yes, Dragons Defied The Stifling Conventions Of Her DayHere At Last, In Her Own Words, Is The True Story Of A Pioneering Spirit Who Risked Her Reputation, Her Prospects, And Her Fragile Flesh And Bone To Satisfy Her Scientific Curiosity Of How She Sought True Love And Happiness Despite Her Lamentable Eccentricities And Of Her Thrilling Expedition To The Perilous Mountains Of Vystrana, Where She Made The First Of Many Historic Discoveries That Would Change The World Forever This was a pleasant enough read It was really a story about a feisty young Victorian woman than it was about dragons though You could just have easily had the same story, but with lions or bears for example I m glad I finally got round to this book one of those that I have been meaning to try for a long while Would I continue the series Maybe as a filler. The dragon within my heart stirred, shifting her wings, as if remembering they could be used to fly Before starting this book I ve been warned by many people A Natural History of dragons is not a book about dragons which is, on one hand, correct This fictional memoir follows the life and adventures of Lady Isabella Trent, a woman who, despite her gender and upbringing, became the most influential expert on dragons of her time In truth, this book focuses so much on her life and her recalling of the events that the presence of dragons as the subject of her studies, appears, on one hand, to be marginal On the other hand, even if it was true that Lady Trent s expeditions could have been about any other wild animal, or even just explorations of the wilderness, the fact that the animal in question is a dragon, makes it 200% cooler Indeed, my favourite feature in this book was the contrast between the old fashioned, predictable character of Lady Trent a strong, revolutionary woman of her time who challenges gender stereotypes with the ambition to become a scholar and the subject of her studies It felt like seeing Jane Eyre riding unicorns I adored the choice of the author in creating this element of absurd, and I appreciated the fact that she didn t try to make Lady Trent different from exactly how you would imagine a character like herself in those situations She is, of course, predictable and the other characters are as well the story is predictable too, in a way but, I mean, we re talking about dragons I thought just the idea of this book was very clever.Finally, the book itself is very entertaining, and I was very involved with the plot Not so much with the characters, for whom I didn t really feel much affection The cold, scientific way of writing of the fictional author might have been the main reason for that, but also a general coldness surrounding human relationships in those years Overall, I found this book very interesting and I would love to go on with the series. 5 Stars I loved this book I knew I loved this book after reading only two pages of it I m finding it difficult to say anything right now because I loved it that much This series may even become an all time favorite if each book is as good or better than this one.Though this book is called A Natural History of Dragons it is reallyabout Lady Trent and how she initially became interested in dragons and also her experience on her first dragon studying expedition This book also deals with the struggles Lady Trent has to deal with because she is a female in a society that looks down on particularly headstrong women I loved how this almost Victorian England setting interacts with the fantasy scientific world of dragons and Lady Trent s almost coming of age story.I loved the way this book was written the humor, the spunk, the romance, the science, everything If there was a book that appealed specifically to my taste this would be the one Lady Trent is literally my kind of lady Oh, and did I mentioned there are gorgeous illustrations throughout The one thing I will say that is disappointing is the lack of development for the side characters They often felt bland.Overall, if you love fantasy of manners, smart spunky female protagonists, slower fantasy books without many dragons, and brilliant writing this one is definitely for you. A Lovely book and great summer read, but oh how I wish things had turned out differently view spoiler Not sure I d want to continue the series now that Jacob is gone I hadn t intended to become attached to Isabella and Jacob s relationship it just happened and now that he s gone, it feels as though much of the strength and spirit of the story are gone along with him hide spoiler It took me a long time to pick this up I always loved the cover, but something about it kept me from thinking it was going to be up my alley I was wrong and I m glad I finally decided to give this one a chance It probably turned into a 3.5 star book for me but I m rounding up.It s definitely a different sort of book it s got a very Victorian feel I guess this should be obvious given that s the sort of setting the author is trying for, but sometimes that feels like a barrier from me connecting fully to the book It s almost as if the book begins to feel as prim and proper as the characters strive to be and that s definitely not my personality Plus this is less about dragons than I really thought it was going to be Dragons are involved, but the book and the plot seem to swirl around them rather than getting involved too directly I guess it s just at odds with most fantasy books where the dragons can talk, or at the very least, have a larger than life presence Not to say that I didn t like this take on them, it s just different from what I ve come to known of dragons Lady Trent is a fun protagonist She had a bit of the clich Victorian girl who s not quite like the others aka she s smart, plucky, and wants to be a badass in a man s world It s not a bad clich but just sort of obvious I did like that she makes mistakes and acknowledges them The rest of the characters are a bit flat for me It ll be interesting if they re appear in sequels Hopefully if they do some depth gets added as I don t really think any of them added much to the story.The plot does meander a bit It s a bit of an origin story before we get anywhere near what seems to be the core of this book and the formula for the books going forward It s not terrible but a bit much of the plucky girl turns plucky woman which we ve all read before The core of the book has a bit of a mystery thrown in It felt a tad underdone and I think just too much time was spent on the origin story to have time to fully dive into a mystery But the book is pretty short so I think it was well done for the amount of pages given to it.All in all I d recommend this book I m definitely going to continue on in the series It s fun and quite easy to read Hopefully they get even better. It turns out, and I wouldn t have discovered this without reading A Natural History of Dragons, that I really like dragons slaying, riding, attacking, hoarding, speaking, snoozing, probably even over easy but to witness them studied for science bored me to death.I feel really bad about this, because there are some great things about this book, I just couldn t wait for it to be over.A Natural History of Dragons is a memoir of the life of the famous Lady Trent, who tells about her first interest in dragons and some of her early experiences with them The GoodBrennan does a great job sticking to character The Lady Trent, or just Isabella Camherst as she s known throughout the book, is a woman of science and Brennan very convincingly characterizes her as such She s so brimming with eagerness to study and learn and discover and it s apparent in both the beginning of her life and her characterization later in life that we only get through the actual telling.This Victorian era type place is brought to life with all its sensibilities, especially those that go against a budding young naturalist who is a woman and her constant battle with all those inherent sensibilities Then she adds dragons to this era Very cool Especially since they re all over, from the tiny sparklings that are considered to be insects by many to much larger ones.And then there s the beautiful artwork by Todd Lockwood Not only do we get this gorgeous cover, but there are dragons among other things depicted throughout the book that are just as captivating I realize the book cover s in the upper left, but this bears repeating The BadThe problem is that with the over intrusion of the narrator, Lady Trent, and possibly with the addition of the aristocracy s confidence in their own imperviousness, there really isn t a lot of suspense Possibly at the very end at one single moment, but that s it We already know she s fine, she s telling the story and interjecting points about how young and naive she used to be Now, you can say this about most first person narratives, but this was evenobvious.The characters are just not relatable to me I mentioned above that Brennan nailed the era, but these are high class people that can t even go anywhere without a servant of some sort I just couldn t love them and I ll take responsibility for this I know plenty of people love it, but it did not work for me.It took me a while to figure this out, but it sounds like we re going to get through her whole life in this one book, when really it s only the first couple experiences Therefore, it seemed to drag on dragon, get it this one event The Lady Trent alludes to many experiences, especially early on, and it sounds like those are all going to happen in this book, but it took me till about 50% in to figure out that it was mainly focused on this one event and that was it This also could have just been my lack of awareness about sequels because I thought this was a stand alone book.In the end, I really do think the problems were mostly just me A Natural History of Dragons is a well executed story that I found was just not for me.2 out of 5 Stars Just Okay I like books about people who like books Perhaps it s because it immediately allows me to sympathise with the protagonist as a bond of kinship is created Or perhaps it s because reading about books is a double winner Well, either way it creates a novel that is easy to relate to and easy to become engrossed in A well created discipline This is not a standard novel it is in the form of a memoir of sorts Lady Trent is writing, what is essentially, her life story She is now an aged and accredited dragon naturalist without equal it took her years to become this successful thus, she narrates the story of how she struggled to become recognised and taken with a degree of seriousness It began when she stumbled on a book about dragons in her father s library She is a woman, and considered a part of the nobility because she is the daughter of a knight Consequently, society has two reasons to consider her choice of profession inappropriate As true as that may be to these chracters, it would never stop her perusing her interestBe warned, then the collected volumes of this series will contain frozen mountains, foetid swamps, hostile foreigners, hostile fellow countrymen, the occasional hostile family member, bad decisions, misadventures in orienteering, diseases of an unromantic sort, and a plenitude of mud This, for me, made the story quite strong She is looking back on the timidity of her youth with a voice of frankness and wisdom She has overcome her trials and has been recognised academically She is a strong woman she can now see the absurdity of the gender restrictions she was forced to endure she has developed the confidence to question the ridiculousness of it, and at the same time has captured the essence of her na ve young self The effect of this was a memoir that felt real it felt like I d picked this up from someone s shelf in a fantasy universe Eventually it became a little dry The older narrator is a developed naturalist she has gone on to achieve progress in her discipline This is all well and good, but eventually I began to grow a little tired of her narrative I felt because of the memoir style of the writing some of the chapters didn t link together particularly well This didn t have the flow of a normal novel, and at times I had to glance back at pervious chapters to remind myself of what had happened In addition to this, at times it felt like she was repeating herself, and her justification for killing a dragon was also plain weak In it she suggested the hypocrisy of dragon rights activists they argue that hunting dragons is wrong but it s ok to kill other creatures in the same way That s true it is hypocrisy But, that doesn t justify her argument She basically says because other people do it, it is then ok for her to do the same This part of the memoir should have been left out in my opinion because it made Lady Trent look like an idiot, which she is most definitely is not Overall, I think this book was a really good idea but the execution of it was lacking I will be avoiding the rest in the serious because, no doubt, I will find them growing tedious on me I would, however, recommend this to fans of Robin Hobb because Lady Trent reminded me of the dragon obsessed lady in the rain wild chronicles I m sure this is merely coincidence, but if you liked that character Lady Trent is very much the same A natural three stars

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