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A Lakeside Secret (Nicks Awakening #1) This Gay Erotica Series Contains Graphic Erotic Scenes Between Two Or Men Engaging In Forbidden Affections And Exploring A New Dynamic Of Power And Control In Their Relationship Nick Is A Shy, Antisocial Eighteen Year Old Who Wasn T Sure What He Wanted Until He Peeked At Something He Wasn T Supposed To See Now His Imagination Is Running Wild About What It Would Be Like To Be Controlled By The Man Of The House, Stan Ashamed Of His Feelings, But Unable To Turn Them Off, His Relationship With Stan Might Be At Risk If He Can T Open Up And Admit How He Feels Stan Loves Nick Than Anything In The World, But Can T Fathom Why Their Usually Close Connection Is Starting To Fall Apart The Reason Becomes Clear When He Catches Nick Red Handed, And Learns Just What Sorts Of Thoughts Have Been Churning In That Fertile Imagination In An Effort To Show Nick How Far He Will Go To Save Their Relationship, Stan Takes His Troubled Brat On A Camping Trip Where They Will Both Get Far Than They Bargained For It S A Dirty, Sexy, Sweet, Sweaty Ride That Ll Leave You Begging For Just Like Nick

About the Author: Simon Strange

Simon Strange loves coffee, beer, and men So far Coffee hasn t played a prominent role in his stories, but he shamelessly plugs his favorite beers and no one keeps their clothes on for too long in his books The only thing better than men, he ll tell you, is naked men Relatively new to self publishing, Simon burst all over the scene of with his first story, A Lakeside Secret Since then h

10 thoughts on “A Lakeside Secret (Nicks Awakening #1)

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    3.5 Stars

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    NOTE I also reviewed the whole series and gave it 5 stars hereI m blown away by how absolutely beautifully this book is written It s insightful, and tender, and honest but best of all It s completely laugh out loud funny Just shows how in

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    OMG that was sooooo hot

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    I found this gem of a book when I was looking for a taboo book.The taboo is step father son incest It was incredibly hot when it happened and the run up to it was a lot of sexual tension.There are 2 books in this series that I will definitely be reading s

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    I feel wrong giving this book any kind of rating because it disturbed the hell out of mebut holy hell, was it hot I re read this, like, 3 times already fans self

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    Right away I realized this is incorrectly shelved I found this on a list for Daddy Kink This is NOT Daddy kink..Okay, there is a Daddyand it s hot and kinkybut Daddy kink is not with your actual father Did this stop me Hell NO I was little bit uncomfortableI just wasn t pre

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    So effing hot Simon Strange really packed a punch into this short story novella from the characters to the sex, it was over the top awesome compared to others I ve read.If you re okay with a taboo read, start here I m going to be reading everything else of Strange s I can get my han

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    An incredibly hot taboo read There were some editing issues, missing words, misspelled words etc but overall it didn t detract too much from the story.

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    4.25 starsThis was HOT It was a short but hot af story that holds many promises to bring in the future between Nick and Stanley There were a few editing errors but nothing too distracting and overall the writing was very fluid I am eager to read from these guys.

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