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A Handbook for Morning Time This Compact Handbook Will Provide Insights, Tips, Lists, And To Make Your Morning Time As Successful As Possible INCLUDED IN THIS HANDBOOK A Definition Of Morning Time Specific Tips For Planning Your Morning Time Advice On Including Shakespeare And Plutarch Lists Of Great Books, Poems, Hymns, And More Suggestions On How To Read Memorize Scripture And Poetry Together And More I recommend this small book as a companion to Mere Motherhood read that one first Then, if you want some practical advice on how to implement Morning Time in your home, this book will give you tips and lists and examples from Cindy s own morning time This is not a comprehensive guide, but rather a description of what the author did in her own home over the years As such, it provides inspiration and wise advice from an experienced veteran homeschooler.I have one small piece of advice for mothers of young children reading this book Pay attention to the fact that Cindy s practice of morning time was a process of years It did not spring forth fully formed, but grew organically from small beginnings She does mention this, but it is easy to lose sight of in the overwhelming volume of what is included in her examples There is nothing wrong with starting with Scripture reading, a hymn, and a prayer at breakfast with your preschoolers, then adding some memory work half a year later, and poetry half a year after that It will give you a base of habit that you can build on for years to come. I read Cindy s blog for a lot of years including her 31 Days to Morning Time as it was published so I didn t find anything particularly new in A Handbook to Morning Time It was an easy, comfortable read for me with Cindy s straightforward, down to earth, very simple explanations of the why and what and how she did during Morning Time at her house.What I did find, though, were those all important gentle re minders, re focusing, re energizing words to stay in for the long haul, do what you know, stay to the worn paths that Cindy writes so beautifully If there is such a thing as comfort food books for the Homeschool mom, this one was my warm blanket and cup of tea Even though education is the training of the affections, it is often a future hope pg 63 An echo from Mere Motherhood, but a sweet reminder that our children are persons and will be nourished on ideas in their and God s own time As with most things it is better to do something than to read about doing it pg 72 The opposite of my relationship with Pinterest LOL The first thing we must do is recognize that it is always going to be this way a little chaotic For every idyllic morning there will be five okay mornings and three terrible ones Here is where the plodding comes in Here is where I assure you that plodding pays off I am here to remind you to take the next step pg 94 While we re on break it s easy to think of those ideal days and forget the impossible ones Cindy grounds me, yet encourages me to keep on keeping on.I ve believed Cindy about poetry which my public school self was exposed to very little but my children adore It has been, and continues to be, a staple in our Whatchamacallit Circle Time, Morning Time, Morning Basket, Symposium But, I loved the way she said it on page 40 In fact, when in doubt, err on the side of poetry Later, she enjoins us, Over the years I have come to prioritize the memorizing of Shakespeare over other poetry, just because it is rare tofind better meter or meaning When in doubt, pick Shakespeare pg 67 A Handbook to Morning Time is a short guide to Morning Time that will encourage and warm me while helping me get back on the right track in our homeschool Because it is short, meaty, and re energizing, it is a book I can see myself returning to year after year. Well organized in content, short and easy to implement, this little book makes me sad my youngest will be graduating in three years If, like me, one hasn t had a lot of time reading Cindy s blog, then this book plots out Morning Time in structure and content, with plenty of suggested reading selections and hymns to get one started This is a book I will keep and refer to often for the next three years I find all of Cindy s writing and speaking practical, but this book was particularly so in a way that ensures I ll have it by my side as I m planning my morning times for each term I m grateful for her specific book recommendations, candid admissions of imperfection, and frequent encouragement to carry on for the long haul My copy of this book is much underlined and dog eared I won t be loaning it out, get your own

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