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A Guide to the Present Moment MomentEVERYONE should read this book Learning to let go of guilt and the like is the greatest gift Read this book Fantastic A great book It has distilled years of meditation for me into a complete nutshell Thank you Noah xxx Reading this book and watching Noah s videos on YouTube have been two of the most meaningful things I have done in my life in order to find happiness The book helped me to start this spiritual journey which has been responsible for the increase in my overall happiness and emotional peace At the time of writing this review, I m almost 21, and a few months ago, the only time I could remember being truly happy was during my childhood I took it for a fact that that kind of happiness only exists in humans as a child and that rest of my life is going to be stressful and full of mental suffering, like witnessing the lives of most people in our society leads us to believe This book changed my perception of life, consciousness, and emotions in a very profound manner, and though I m just beginning the practice of regular meditation and giving myself time to observe my thoughts neutrally and recognizing the difference between me and my thoughts, I can confidently say that I have started to experience peace for longer time periods and that I have begin to live my life by actually being in the moment, and not in the story that my thoughts are telling me Now I love , laugh , havemeaningful conversations, and enjoy the little things happening in life better I d suggest reading this book along with watching Noah s videos and also the book Waking Up by Sam Harris as a good start to one s spiritual journey. Very repetitiveVery repetitivecould have been summarized into 50 pages used the same examples over and over again so I skipped ahead to the end Fantastic methods and teachings, but like others say, very repetitive, not meant to be read start to finish but meant to be used as a guide to be used and read as needed I think Noahs videos are extremely powerful and they are on his youtube channel, I found those first and they are pretty much everything in this book His videos to me werehelpful than the book but that may have been because I knew what was coming in the book due to me watching the videos Either way both are awesome and I recommend all of Noahs work. I started this book with a lot of promise and I didn t finish it I rarely don t finish books The main take away I got from the little I read was that I don t have to let one shitty moment ruin my day I can be upset about the thing but not walk around with a little cloud over my head for the rest of the day My biggest issue with this book was that it seemed a little too victim blamey He expands on the fact that none of us are perfect so how can we judge others for imperfect behavior when we don t know what the right behavior is He talks about how as a society we accept things that are wrong the author uses quotation marks around bad behavior, good behavior, wrong, and right but are they really It sounded a lot like he was condoning emotional and physical abuse on a level of my emotions about the thing is what s upsetting me Not the actual action of the other person There s a huge difference between not being happy because you want a new car instead of recognizing that you re blessed to have a car, and being unhappy because you re in a dangerous situation.I understand that people make their own happiness, and that s something to remember I tried reading it with a grain of salt but I couldn t do the apples to oranges comparison any longer Maybe people will shit on me for this review, because it seems to be a popular book, and maybe they won t Who knows And do I care Not really I get the point he was trying to make and I m going to take his ill worded point and make it suit my own situation in life This book could be potentially dangerous in the wrong hands and in the wrong situation.Now onto the actual book Homeboy needs an editor something fierce He also needs to take some classes on writing Though in his defense he did state at the beginning that he isn t a writer What little I did read it was like he was repeating the same thing over and over again This whole thing could have been edited down to a 20 page essay as opposed to an entire book. Learning to stay in the present moment is one of the keys to lasting happiness in all areas of life This book has a valuable message to share which is that you unwanted emotions are only caused by your thoughts about an event and not actual facts pertaining to an event Yes, this is a crucial realization However, this idea can easily be expressed on one page rather than drug out over an entire book. If you ever feel that you have an internal battle inside of your head where you have a lot of contradictory thoughts about yourself ,about others and you are trying to stop thinking a certain way so you can be at peace and contente ,well this book can help you alot to quenstion your thoughts and to see how your brain works. Taking the stress out of self doubt.To date, this has been the best method for me Noah s method of repetition throughout the chapters connected me back to the main idea of disbelieving my thoughts Practice through repetition sets the solid foundation for his method of eliminating self Doubt, anger, and fear Accepting that our thoughts cause our emotions bad feelings judgements can be difficult, but as the chapters progress, I found it easier to question those thoughts, and in some cases disbelieve them or come to understand where they came from Which lead to not feeling so bad about them at all I often try to take one strong habit from each method I explore, in this one I took many Try the practice of eliminating the word should from your thoughts and vocabulary For me, it was an eye opener and a great way to pause and reflect on my thoughts I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did and get what you want from the methods It s been a great moment in my present and a great tool for letting go of my past and my future Thank you, Noah M. TheBestseller In Counseling, Zen, Stress Management Downloaded By Over , People Your Unwanted Emotions Are Created By Thoughts, Not By FactsIf Your Romantic Partner Isn T Cheating, But You Think That They Are, How Do You Feel Hurt If Your Romantic Partner Is Cheating, But You Think That They Love You, How Do You Feel Great If Your Child Isn T Injured, But You Think That They Got Hurt, How Do You Feel Sad If Your Child Is Injured, But You Think They Are Safe At A Friend S House, How Do You Feel Fine If You Aren T Going To Get Fired Next Week, But You Think That You Ll Be Fired, How Do You Feel Fearful If You Are Going To Get Fired Next Week, But You Think That Your Job Is Safe, How Do You Feel GreatWhen The Facts Are Good , But You Think They Are Bad , You Suffer When The Facts Are Bad , But You Think They Are Good , You Are Happy This Demonstrates That The Facts Don T Create Your Happiness Or Suffering It Is Only Your Thoughts That Create Your EmotionsA PowerfulStep Process That Can Immediately Bring You More PeaceDo You Want To Stop Living With Stress, Unworthiness, Social Anxiety, Insecurity, Anger, Or Sadness It Certainly Seems As Though These Emotions Are Inevitable, And Directly Created By Our Circumstances, Our Situations, And The People In Our Lives However, It Is Possible To Discover That All Your Unwanted Emotions Are Actually Created By The Thoughts In Your Mind More Importantly, Each Of These Emotions Can Vanish In An Instant If You Just Stop Believing The Thoughts That Create ThemWhen You Don T Believe Words, Those Words Don T Create EmotionsIf A Random Person Tells You, The World Is Going To End Tomorrow , And You Believe Them, How Would You Feel You Would Likely Experience Fear But If You Didn T Believe Them At All, Then How Would Their Comment Make You Feel You Almost Certainly Wouldn T Be Emotionally Affected This Demonstrates That When You Believe Someone S Words To Be True, Those Words Create Emotions But If You Don T Believe Someone S Words, Those Same Words Don T Have The Power To Create EmotionsThe Same Is True Of The Words Thoughts In Your Mind If You Believe A Negative Thought About Yourself Or Your Life, That Thought Will Create An Unwanted Emotion However, If You Don T Believe That Thought, It Quite Simply Won T Create The Unwanted EmotionThis Book Will Show You How To Disbelieve The Thoughts That Create Your Unwanted EmotionsAs Soon As You Stop Believing A Thought That Is Creating One Of Your Unwanted Emotions, That Emotion Will Instantly Dissolve As You Disbelieve And Of The Thoughts That Create Your Suffering, You Will Be Happier In And Situations, The You Will Be Living In The Moment, And The Peace, Freedom, Love, Laughter, Wholeness, Enthusiasm, And Gratitude You Will Experience In Your LifeThis Book Will Help You To Experience Peace In Situations That Used To Be Filled With Anxiety And Stress Lose The Sense Of Lack In Your Life, And Live With A Sense Of A Wholeness And Completeness Put An End To Your Feelings Of Unworthiness And Insecurity Enjoy Less Arguments, Resentment, And Disappointment In Your Relationships With Others Experience The Freedom To Act How You Feel Without Worrying About Others Opinions Live In The Moment Or Live The Power Of Now Experience The Fulfillment You Have Been Searching For

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Noah Elkrief helps others to quickly lose their suffering by showing people how to stop believing the thoughts that create their unwanted emotions Noah has an individual counseling practice in Manhattan and on Skype His book, A Guide to The Present Moment , has been bought downloaded by over 100,000 people since it was published in November of 2012 Noah also runs a video blog at LiveInTheMom

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