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A Gathering of Angels (The Claire Wiche Chronicles, #2) Claire Wiche Sacrificed Everything To Keep Her Friends Safe, Revealing Her True Self She Expected The Final Battle To Be The End For Her But She Is Back, Breathing And Threatened By An Enemy She Doesn T Have The Means To FightAn Enemy Bent On Vengeance And Possession, Whatever The CostTrapped, Alone, Claire Has To Find The Strength To Stand Against What She Knows She Can T Defeat And The Courage To Face The People She Thought She Left Behind Includes A Short Preview Of Carry On Wayward Son Formerly Back In Black , Book Of The Claire Wiche Chronicles, Now Available

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    Was exposed to Cate Dean while reading the Paranormal 13 stories Which included the Prequel to the Claire Wiche Chronicles It enticed me so much that I began reading the entire series I really love Cla

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    You ever finish a book and wonder where the rest of it is This book is basically non stop action Which leaves no time for anyone to have any moments of getting to know the new members of the group Simon is going

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    I enjoyed book one of The Claire Wiche Chronicles and found A Gathering of Angels just as good I actually read it in one sitting as it was a fast paced, fun read, with a lot of suspense I loved getting to know Claire bett

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    This book was the second in a series, a short story As in the first, the premise was fine, even interesting I found the book lacking in both character and plot development Transitions and relationship developments happened instant

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    Intriguing story, checkInteresting, likable or relatable characters, checkImmersing world, checkDean takes a varied mythology and makes it her own and while I usually prefer a less episodic style I m enjoying this series.

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    Pretty darn interesting Nice characterization, well rounded and believable Really liked the way her characters interact and react with one another Very satisfing read Recommended, though not racy.

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    Claire secret is out but is she dead Annie thinks not, Marcus get a call to come to the rescue of someone but who is it, Will Marcus survive the bullet wound and is it Claire he has gone to rescue and what evil lies in the town.

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    Too good to put downOne of the reasons I like this series is that I really like the characters I would love to have all of them as friends, even the new ones introduced in this book Pretty much read it straight through

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    Again, I am liking this series very much I am impatient to read the next book I am having a hard time waiting to find out about Claire s story This book was quick, finished in just a couple of hours.

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    Great book See from the point of view of all the major characters.

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